"Forgiveness is...

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."-Mark Twain

Forgiveness is a theme I've noticed throughout my life but until recently had yet to experience it to such a course-altering degree. The act of forgiving can thread the needle which begins to mend a damaged relationship with an old friend, family member, love, or oneself. If only forgiveness always came as naturally to humans as it does to the violet, or even a house pet, for that matter; your dog may temporarily hang his tail but by the end of the hour, he's at your side again, gleefully panting and proclaiming his insurmountable affection for you merely being there. Why do we, as humans, find this so difficult? Why can't we forgive ourselves for our shortcomings and boldly proclaim our love for our sole existences?

Instead, we've found it easier to cling to our faults and our unusual traits, by deeming them "weird" or "bad" based off of the singular opinion of someone who was once somewhere at some point in time. In today's society, it is virtually impossible to avoid scrutiny, particularly that of the physical variety. This hiccup in culture has caused a hyper-concentration on the idealistic portrayal of the human body as a thin, skeleton-esque model, leading to surges of dissatisfaction and self-doubt around the world. With the media stoking us since birth with the portrayal of a thin and dieting idol, it's no wonder millions of Americans have been diagnosed with eating disorders, ranging from anorexia nervosa to binge eating disorder.

Despite their pronounced existence in today's society, eating disorders are a notably taboo topic to bring forward in a conversation. Typically, they're scoffed off and tossed about, being blown off more as if one is merely starving for attention. From experience, I know that eating disorders are torturous, life-consuming, and earth-shattering illnesses in which one can become so absorbed in weight loss and their own body, that they may be more willing to face death than themselves.

Despite how bleak a life revolving around an eating disorder can be, treatment in which one is surrounded by guided professionals is possible and exceptionally beneficial. Recovery is about progress, not perfection, and the patient begins to learn more about themselves than they ever fathomed possible.

This post isn't to be misconstrued; I'm not bringing my disorder to light to prove anyone wrong or right. I'm here proclaiming that recovery is possible. I'm here proclaiming that eating disorders are real illnesses, and that they deserve to be recognized as so.

I'm here to proclaim forgiveness.

I'm here to proclaim hope.

I'm here to proclaim bliss.

I'm here to reclaim life.

I'm here to raise awareness.

Life is an exceedingly spectacular wonderland in which I never cease to be awed by it's magic. These past few moths, I've been bestowed some of the most phenomenal people to help me in my journey and I'm thrilled to see where I may go with my renewed loving and healthy life ahead of me.

This blog will undoubtedly consist of recovery encouragement as well as everyday inspiration I experience and/or would like to share. Your support and personal stories are welcome and much appreciated. Just know that it is possible to love yourself solely for existing and that you have the ability to graciously and naturally forgive just as the violet does.