Long Overdue

There are quite a few reasons as to why I haven't posted anything in some time. Namely, I have been too utterly entwined in happiness. You read that correctly. I'm blissful. Who knew?! Well, maybe somewhere swimming amidst all my thoughts of recovery, future plans, education, transportation, work relations, and medications, I think there may've lingered an inkling of certainty I'd find this happiness. Maybe I knew that by continuing to dive and swim through my stream of consciousness I'd eventually find land. Maybe I knew I'd find love.

Or maybe God knew, and I just treaded water until he found that I was ready.

Regardless, I'm here.

Regardless, I'm changed.

I'm still seeking to be the voice for those who feel they can't speak of their flaws or of their woes. I'm living proof that things get better.

You find beauty.

Beauty finds you.

You are beauty: consistently redefining and reestablishing your physical identity with each step and each word.

You find that beauty gets dirty, and beauty gets confusing, but at the end of the day, you find that beauty exists in that moment in which you're not hiding anymore. Beauty exists once you realize life no longer has to be a struggle.

Beauty exists as you exist.