Today we have a drive: Florida to Texas. This is what I like to refer to as "the home stretch" and this is where I like to do a little jump and twirl at the thoughts of sleeping in my own bed and using reliable bar soap again. For those of you who don't know (which I'm assuming is everyone, because I had no clue..) I believe this trek weighs in around a whopping sixteen hours. SIXTEEN.

That's you sitting down and watching Twilight eight times.

Or watching sixteen episodes of LOST.

Or watching Prizoner of Azkaban five and a half times.

Marring all those possibilities, I alternate between googling tattoo ideas and staring at the marshy Florida foliage (I believe a "marsh" has a technical climate definition? But I have no clue. I just look outside and think wet soggy marshy palmy weirdness).

For all you Floridians, Flo-Ridas, if you will, I'm not hating on your trees and swampy stuff, I'm just baffled. How can it be December?! It feels like August!

Anyway, on this tour I met people who've read this here blog and my whole heart melted like a neglected tube of Chapstick in the summer. Each time.

The fact that people actually read this thing is possibly the highest honor (besides if you had like, the URL tattooed on your chest or something, I guess).


Seriously, though.

Thank you!

I just hope and pray each one of you will take what you can from these posts and apply it to how you feel about yourself. I genuinely want you to love yourself and know that when you're stuck, you'll get unstuck soon, and you'll have a beautiful story on the other side of it.

Pain is real but purpose is too. Not only that, but it's permanent.

Pain isn't.

So this is nothing more (nothing less) than sappy gushy happy me riding sixteen hours, not watching LOST or Twilight or whatever else to pass time but reflecting on how grateful I am to have people I've yet to meet be so genuine and kind.

Share your story! Ask for advice! Heck, you can even email me.


Oh and ps- Hotel soap sucks and you know all know it.

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