Hello hello! Lately I've received several messages from people who wanted to send some sort of donation to me and Collin regarding the wedding. We discussed it for a while, because frankly, we didn't want it to come across as "GIVE ME MONEY HAHAHA!"

That's just not the case!

We love and appreciate anything! Any word of congratulations, any email, any letter, anything! Everything! This is merely to help fund our future and open a door for everyone who's asked.

Once again, I can't express how grateful we are. My heart is so full with thankfulness, I can't even begin to describe it.

Below is the link for a website that allows any sort of fundraiser to be established: vacations, dreams, surgeries, you name it!


Thank you all so much once more. Just the fact that I have people who are willing to read my crazy thoughts and experiences and find joy or something they can relate to brings me such happiness!

Karsyn DuPree4 Comments