Bridesmaids! Here's a glimpse at our wedding colors! My lovely bridesmaids Addie, Christie, Jessie, Sherri, and Kayla have picked their dresses and I couldn't be more thrilled!

It's okay to show the bridesmaids dresses, right?! Psh, I mean, you can't see mine! I'm pretty sure that's the only rule.

I mean, I suppose everyone else could see my dress, but I know you're out there, Collin. You will read this and what if you saw it?!


Couldn't be more excited or blessed to have such wonderful and inspirational women in my life.

I've known Addie Moore since the sixth grade; we were lab partners in Mrs. Braswell's class at Hubbard Middle School. She moved away for a while but once she moved back, she worked at Barnes & Noble and eventually got me a job there. She saw me through treatment and all the emotional highs and lows that come with it, assuring me that I would find my way through things and the world wouldn't end if I didn't follow a strict schedule everyday. Addie helped me realize that not everything has to be perfect to be beautiful. She helped me relax and SHE'S THE ONE who encouraged me to ask Collin out! (And yes, I asked him...on FaceBook...) We were sitting at Jason's Deli one night after work and she was telling me to "effing do it! Just do it, oh my God. What do you have to lose?"


Ugh, I love her so much.

Another bridesmaid of mine, I've also known forever. But like, forever. Her name is Jennifer Bryant and we met in Mrs. France's first grade class at Rice Elementary. We've known each other through every awkward haircut, every bad date, every family drama, choir and band concert. We both hated PE and copied one another's homework. We saw every movie that came out in theaters during the years 2005-2010 I bet. We lived about a quarter of a mile apart, yet I only rode my bike to her house once because I was a lazy brat. Jennifer and I can go like six months without hearing a peep from one another but once we're together, we might as well be thirteen again. We're not afraid to laugh, cry, and argue with one another, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Then there's my niece-to-be, Kayla! Oh deary, she really is a beautiful and precious gift to my life. Only thirteen years old, and she's lived the life of someone twice her age, having fashion sense better than mine, and hair that could easily be endorsed by some silky smooth conditioner commercial. She's not only lovely but genuinely smart and caring. Collin and I talk about how incredibly honest and sweet she is; we cannot believe she's only thirteen!


Christie and I shared what feels like a lifetime on this last Max/Perma/Merriment van tour. We spent several late nights discussing that night's weird, wonderful, and unique attributes. She allowed me to open up with how I felt about God and helped me trust that my path wasn't nearly as rocky as it appeared. Getting along with Christie was effortless; she was always so honest and gentle in her kindness, and funny to boot. I awkwardly did the Electric Slide with her and Collin on the New Year's Eve that we all first met, and I don't know why she didn't think her brother talking to a random green-haired dancing queen was weird, but I applaud her for giving me a chance. She's insurmountably talented, and her quick wit is immeasurable. I love her and couldn't be more blessed with her sister-friendship!


Admittedly, I was following Sherri on Instagram by the time Collin and I had met. SHE'S CUTE, OKAY?! The first time I walked into the DuPree house, I hear, "You used to work at Sonoma!" Sherri and Max had recognized me from years before at my very lowly paid first job as a hostess at this slightly expensive restaurant here in Tyler. I was shocked! She was so precious that night with her perfect baby Lucy basketball belly and her batman shirt. I was instantly able to open up with Sherri about my treatment and anxiety level and she never once made me feel strange or unwelcome. Touring with her was so incredible, especially with her perfectly jolly baby Lu. With all of the decorating the wedding calls for, Sherri's inspiring thoughts and ideas have made lovely contributions and touches that I can't wait to share with everyone! I'm so honored to have such a wonderfully understanding and gifted sister-to-be.


Last but not least I have my dear Jessie! Being the only other DuPree sister-in-law (as well as a fellow natural brown-haired, brown-eyed girl...I think those boys have a type ;) we hit things off right away. Jessie was never afraid to ask every question about my life and my interests, opening up about her life and the joys being a mother and a leader have brought to her. Her faith has always been a very inspiring and magnetic part of her, and she always has answered my curiosities and inquiries in that field of conversation. She possesses the most bubbly and friendly intelligence I've ever come across, and her enthusiasm for life emits from her and spreads to anyone she comes in contact with. She's hugged me when I've been upset and she's related to me when I've been stressed. I love her so much and I can't wait to one day be a SuperMomWife like her (and of course all of the other sisters!).

So thankful to know so many vividly unique and kind souls and to have them as a part of my special day! Stay tuned for more photos soon!