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_mg_1122 In case you missed it, I got married to Collin Ashton DuPree exactly one month ago.

(Weird, I literally am just realizing today is June seventeenth..! Please envision me dorky dancing in my kitchen and texting my husband right now.)

Just warning you: this is going to be as detailed as it gets. (Well, up until we left the venue. Nothing past that! Nunyabinness!)

I don't even know where I could possibly begin with this post. There were so many people involved in every intricate and delicate detail of our special day that to begin naming would take all day. Essentially, Collin and I are SO incredibly blessed to have such loving parents and willing siblings to not only envision but also conjure up such a magical soiree in our honor.

Here's some rehearsal dinner shots.


Rehearsal dinner wedding prep!

More rehearsal dinner prep.









The day itself was honestly bizarre. My entire family was in town in addition to Collin's, yet I spent the night before my wedding by myself. I didn't want a slumber party, or spend the evening reminiscing on childhood memories with my parents; I wanted to be alone. Honestly, I was sort of terrified I would stay up too late and then have to wake up early, leading to becoming a walking headache all day. Collin stayed until I fell asleep, and I slept through the night.

I woke up calmly and quietly and had yogurt and berries alone.

I had coffee alone.

I did yoga alone.

I took a shower and fixed my hair and makeup. I couldn't help but think, "Uhh...can I do normal makeup? Like, am I allowed? Does it break some sort of unspoken bridal tradition? Aren't you supposed to let some kinda-girlfriend pluck your mustache and pinch your eyelashes? Can't I just save the poor girl a bridezilla moment and do it myself? I'm doing it...."


All the while praising the Lord for this time alone. The last thing I needed was some champagne-toasted, giggle-induced anxiety attack from too many "So are you nervous?!" -s.

(So, I MAY have sneakily texted Collin the morning of...I HAD NO CHOICE! He was going to get ready at our place but I had slept there, so it was like this big cluster of when my ride was picking me up mixed with make sure you eat your lunch mixed with don't be late! mixed with stop texting me omg you're breaking the rules!)

My mom showed up twenty minutes late and I chastised her gently, but couldn't manage to be annoyed. I was getting married in three hours!

The finishing touches were performed at my aunt and uncles house, where I remained relatively quiet aside from replying whenever asked how I was doing. I ate a snack and drank champagne. I was pretending like I didn't notice I was late.

My aunt was running around making sure everything was ready in addition to herself and her children, and she was my ride to the venue. We finally left and sang (and videotaped ourselves singing) No Doubt all the way out of town.

_mg_0987Upon arriving, I texted Weston, Collin's brother to make sure Collin was blindfolded or put in a corner somewhere so that he wouldn't even catch a glimpse of me in my pajama shirt and fancy hair. (Also, I wished Weston a happy birthday because we suck and stole his birthday thunder with our wedding).



My girls were all there getting ready and looking SO stunning. I didn't stop smiling or hugging people for the rest of the day after I opened that door. Christie and Sherri had bought me an iced latte and I sipped it while I scoped out our cute bungalow, it's rustic charm masked by its shabby exterior. Lucy was eating a Starbucks cake thing and watching the iPad while everyone hustled and bustled around her, laughing and crying because they were all practically high on hairspray fumes and excitement.



_mg_1127 _mg_1115


After hugging everyone I went into one of the bedrooms with my aunt, the videographer, and the photographer to slip into my gown.

_mg_1041bw _mg_1050 _mg_1058

It wasn't real! None of it! Where was I?! What was this?! Who am I?! WHAT I'M GETTING MARRIED?! AHH! *dancing, laughing, and crying on the inside*

(I actually didn't cry at all my whole wedding day, I was too nutty and giggly.)


My bridesmaid Addie and our friend Alex Modisette (both of which work at Moss, a beautiful floral shop in Tyler) showed up with my bouquet and my bridesmaids' peonies. They were perfect! I was practically drooling, only drool couldn't come out because my smile was too tight, I guess.


Everything was perfect! Besides everyone in the world coming in to say hello. That, I'll admit in my own bridezilla way, that made me crazy. Literally forty people came and went in the span of like twenty minutes and I just wanted to get my hair resprayed and my pins readjusted! But I do love you all, if you're reading this! I just kinda threw up in my mouth every time someone asked if I was nervous at that point, or wanted to hug my hairpins even looser.

Oh, yeah! It's all coming back now. I didn't know wtf I was supposed to do, by the way. I never asked! Does someone come get me? Do I lead the bridesmaids to the door? Do I wait until they're gone? Did someone already tell me and I completely forgot?


Thankfully, our Aunt Parrish came to the rescue and confidently told me what was up and that everyone would be waiting on me, I could take my time. That sounded so nice. I felt like a badass in a lacy dress. QUEEN KARSYN! Muhahaha!

Only, screw waiting, let me kiss the groom!

Parrish asked if I was ready and she smiled very sweetly. I said yes before I began to panic, but that was all forgotten as soon as we made the trek to the barn door. I could have easily puked. It's kinda what I would imagine being shot while wearing a bullet-proof vest would feel like. Very clear, yet not lethal pain.

My girls were tearing up, I was peeking through cracks in the door, straining to hear the music and if everyone was walking when I envisioned they would. (The song I chose for them to all walk to was "Get it Wrong, Get it Right" by Feist, so please hear that in your head now.)

_mg_1199 _mg_1204 _mg_1206 _mg_1209 _mg_1214 _mg_1217 _mg_1219 _mg_1225 _mg_1234 _mg_1237 _mg_1239 _mg_1243_mg_1246

The girls left me and Parrish told me Collin was literally on the other side of the door I was leaning against. He was right there and he had no idea.

My stepdad, Michael opened the door for me. (Okay, my whole stomach just plummeted even thinking about this moment) My heart was in my throat, my chin was tucked and my eyes found Collin instantly. "Light Up" by Sucre began to play and I began to walk, I guess. Who knows. I just know Collin was crying and I was still going to throw up through my huge smile.

_mg_1261bw _mg_1267

Michael stopped about four steps to the stage and handed me off to my dad, Jeff, to give me away. Shortly after, I was on the stage. Terry, the man who married us, began to speak and I couldn't squeeze Collin's hands tighter. I remember saying, "Hi."




All things were said and then Collin began his vows. No one heard them but me and I know everyone was probably pretty annoyed, but it was perfect. He could hardly say them as he read his perfect little torn card I left him that morning with instructions to write your vows. My vows followed and then the rings, I think? The unity candle thing happened somewhere in there, but you guys, I can't remember where.


It was time for Terry to pronounce us and I leaned back and tucked my chin again, just gearing up to launch myself into wifedom, I suppose!



20140617-220532-79532892.jpg He could kiss me! And let me tell you, he did. He grabbed my face and held me close for the perfect amount of time. Everyone cheered and "I Will" by Paul McCartney began to play.

We ran down the aisle to the back door and screamed! We smiled and jumped before we kissed and hugged. Being married made us even dorkier.





20140617-220725-79645497.jpg Once we came back in the hugs and smiles began in full force all over again, and the remainder of the reception was nothing but a hungry, thirsty, sweaty, busy, perfect blur.

We forgot to do our toast and ALMOST forgot the garder/bouquet toss. Good thing other people have brains n stuff, because those things never even crossed my newly-wedded mind.









20140617-220918-79758028.jpg All the perfect photos were shot by our talented friend Bliss Katherine Braoudakis, and there is a video coming soon shot by our friends Brad and Monica Eggerton.

It takes FOREVER to upload and resize everything, but more pictures will accompany this post ASAP, I just had to put some on while I could.