Married Life!

I just want to begin this by saying thank you to all of the exquisitely kind words in regards to our wedding and everything about it. In all honesty, I wish I could go back and relive the whole day, which is not abnormal. Everyone who's been married has shared with me this similar desire, and I'm so blessed to have a video of our wedding come our way rather soon! Let me just express that being married is literally the most fun I've ever had. Collin and I laugh until we cry, watch marathons of True Blood, and eat whole watermelons as often as we can, declaring our gratefulness all along the way.

Lately, things have been a little tough. The future is looking uncertain with our current jobs and the stress of what that could mean is intimidating. Recently, my job reduced my nine hour shifts to four hours, bringing me in at a whopping sixteen hours a week. It really hit hard.

After several nights of unloading my anxieties on my husband, I realized that though I was anxious and fearful, I was still the happiest I'd ever been in my life. He agreed, and with that, I've since continued to count my blessings and look toward the larger picture that is our life!

Before we know it, we'll have babies, dogs, our own multi-bedroom house, and the struggles of today will wash away.

And lemme tell y'all, I cannot wait to have a baby! But I will. Sigh. We don't quite fit the monetary criteria we believe is necessary, and frankly, we want to travel and live our "couple life" for a weeeeee bit longer! ;)

Also, we drive a Fiat. If that's not Birth Control, I don't know what is!

I plan on attempting to write my book this year. It's not something I don't have time for or am not interested in, I just need a good lead. It's tricky; if I want to write about eating disorders, do I include my personal journey, or exclude it with awareness of the triggers it will cause?

Do I write a novel? If so, for children? Adults? Whatever it may be, I plan on illustrating it and pouring my heart into it.

(Also, if anyone knows how/wants to help me make writing/blogging my living, send me an email, I'm definitely interested!)

With all the time I've been dealt not working, I've been able to write music and revisit the piano, which has been sooo fun. There's nothing like having your own home, and someone to share in the fun with you.

This was merely an update because I'm home sick. Green snot is really cute, huh? :P

Here's some shots of our life as of late: We both got some lovely tattoos, we welcome a lovely kitten into our home, and Collin's birthday is in two days!