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Boom! Finally taking charge and making this blog official! I feel as though I've neglected it in the wake of opening up our shop, but please please forgive us. I still want everyone to understand how much we still desire to relate and hear from every single one of you!


We're still spending our days figuring out things like tax IDs, sales taxes, most efficient postage, best packaging, best vendors and suppliers, best times to work, which days to work, what the hell to do with our kitten Prim while we work! The list goes on and on.


First off, let me clarify what we have hinted at in previous posts: Collin and I did quit our jobs to do BlissBranch full time! 

It may seem crazy and impulsive and irresponsible, but we have never taken anything more seriously in our lives (and we also never would have suspected we would have been able to make as much, if not more, than our previous jobs).


So, here we are. A couple of newlyweds throwing out whatever makeshift future we had envisioned and embarking on a journey bigger than we could have ever imagined. 



All with the small hope that someone will feel understood and loved by us complete strangers, and will realize that though we sell clothes, we don't sell self worth or beauty. You have that all the time, and you're beautiful just the way you are. We promote comfort in the cheesy sayings and quotes that are deemed "inspirational" but should actually just be called "natural" or "factual".


Most nights we spend figuring out the best quotes, ways to utilize our stamps and tags, and sitting around eating watermelon and watching Netflix.



_DSC0327Recently, we borrowed a very nice camera from our sister Sherri and are still figuring out what the heck to do with it! Hahaha, automatic settings don't really sustain every environment like you would think! We actually have to learn what to do :P!

Since we're actually coming up with better and more efficient ways to do everything, we're hoping to finally dedicate some "Me-Time" to the blog! DIYs, recipes, everything we've been requested! 

_DSC0366So this is just a post to let you know that we're here to stay! We've invested our time, money, and love into BlissBranch and we are so incredibly inspired by everyone buying our items and leaving positive feedback! 
_DSC0375Also, this guy is a hunk and I just am so in love with him. He constantly inspires me everyday, believes in me, and tells me how grateful he is to have this opportunity together.

That's our secret. We have nothing but hope and gratefulness for what is to come and what we're doing now. 

The biggest secret is that it isn't a secret at all. You can do it too! :)


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