We're Growing!

Hey everyone! Around this BlissQuarters, it's been pretty insane lately. With an offer from Cosmopolitan UK, ELLE,multiple designers interested in adding their special touch to BlissBranch, and the final emergence of BlissBoxes (woot woot!), you can imagine we've been a little slammed. Not to mention the fact that we're leaving in eight days for a month on the road! 

Luckily, we'll get to see most of you IN PERSON on this tour, and I couldn't be more thrilled! 

Just wanted to go ahead and address some issues that have been eating at me recently; I want to bring them to everyone's attention then find the joy and growth that's hidden in them and move forward!

Some of you may have noticed that BlissBranch has been receiving some comments on photos about how I should feel guilty for "ripping people off just to make a profit" or that "what [we're] doing is wrong" and that our "message is getting lost in making a business," etcetera. 

Everyone, you are all entitled to feel as you do, and I really do appreciate the honesty. The thing is, you may merely be seeing me buying cheap clothes, throwing them on, taking photos, and handing them off to whoever just to make a ridiculous profit and laugh menacingly as I count my bills.

The reality is, at BlissBranch, we scour websites, thrift stores, wholesale shops, and our own creative minds to come up with a product that has love in it. Whether we designed a dress from the 70s or not, it does not mean that it's lacking in our desire to bring people joy or our willingness to do anything to make our customers and readers smile.

As with any business, we do need to pay our own bills on top of buying shipping supplies, our domain, an at-home shipping label printer, clothes, sewing supplies, washing supplies, labeling and craft supplies, etc. We don't pay ourselves for hours spent, we just put the money right back into BlissBranch, reserving a card and account solely for the business itself. 

We don't have labor hours, we literally do this all day everyday

And I love it. I'm so grateful.

We just started this a couple months ago and are still flailing around trying the best techniques to get our job done the most effectively and efficiently, all while keeping everyone happy and replying to all the comments and emails we receive.

Doing all of this and trying to stay true to BlissBranch's sole roots of being grateful for our bodies, happy in our skin, and loving one another. That being said, those of you with hate mail, I still love you. It wouldn't be the real world if we didn't have a few people attempting to shoot us down just so that we could question ourselves (despite knowing our truth) and try to improve. 

Even if you're trying to rise above, there's still that inkling inside that wants to impress the bullies. To show them you actually DO care about everyone, and this isn't some selfish scheme "based off of some petty internet fame." 

(Yes, someone said that, YIKES!)

This is just me touching base with each and everyone of you to let you know that I'm not doing this to take advantage of readers and customers at all. I'm so grateful and constantly inspired by all of you, constantly buying things I think you'll love based off of what you've requested, and when it doesn't work, I put it on sale and try try again.

To those of you with positive feedback and constructive advice, thank you. We have attempted to shift and build BlissBranch in a way that you will enjoy it the most you possibly can because you're the ones making our dreams come true. You're beautiful and in all honesty, you don't need a piece of clothing to know it.

At BlissBranch, we just want you to know that it's okay to treat yourself. 

It's okay to get dressed up, to experiment with your style, to put yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things.

It's okay to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that all of your dreams can and will come true and the only thing standing in the way is you. You can make your life happen and no one else.

The truth is, this is our living. It's not consistent, but it's G R O W I N G.

As long as we continue to water, feed, and tend to it, it will continue to blossom.



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