Body Image During Pregnancy Pt. I

No, I'm not pregnant. Just take that out of your head.

This month, I thought it would be exceptionally important to emphasize different women's views and perceptions on the importance of a positive body-image in any and all walks of life.

I thought it would be fun to start with my sisters! I idolize them so much for being wonderful mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, you name it. They are all influential and impossibly loving women.

As you may know, a couple of my sisters are currently pregnant and are adding beautiful new additions to their families in about four/five months time! Jessie and Sherri are giving me new nieces and a nephews?! YES!!

Being pregnant, I've heard is quite an experience. Not only are you growing a baby inside your tummy, your tummy is also growing. You're body is growing and pulling in ways you haven't experienced, and though you are growing a baby, it must be difficult to keep that perspective 100% of the time. 

Today, Sherri DuPree-Bemis, my lovely and loving sister-in-law, shares her take on being pregnant and the challenges and rewards it brings to an expecting mother and her incubating body.

Sherri and her perfect daughter, Lucy at our wedding. Photo by  Bliss Katherine .

Sherri and her perfect daughter, Lucy at our wedding. Photo by Bliss Katherine.

Having a positive self -mage as a girl in never super simple in this world, but it can be especially complicated when you're pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those girls that loves being pregnant; The kind of women that other pregnant women hate because I love it that much…Still, it's not exactly a giant bag of fun when all of a sudden your jolly new “pregnancy glow” cheeks remind you faintly of a certain jolly Holiday figure (HO HO HO!) or you feel your knickers suspiciously getting tighter and you reach back and your bum suddenly doesn't feel like your own bum anymore. Haha! BUT (no pun intended) I like to keep my mindset extremely simple during pregnancy as my body grows and grows…(and grows!)…I am growing a HUMAN LIFE in there! That’s crazy!!

There is nothing more beautiful or incredible or special or insane that my body will EVER do again. Literally. 

(Plus, lets be honest, those new curves are actually pretty hot). 

SO, to all pregnant mama’s...give yourself a break, go buy a pack of knickers that are a size up...and just enjoy feeling your incredible body grow that sweet baby.

-Sherri DuPree-Bemis

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