Body Image During Pregnancy Pt. II

As a continuation of yesterday's topic of body image and body development during pregnancy, I have asked for my sister-in-law Jessie DuPree's personal journey! 

Jessie is an unbelievable human being and she's actually WAITING to find out the sex of her new little munchkin, which is absolutely thrilling.

Jessie, like Sherri in the previous post, is currently pregnant and will deliver her baby in the next four/five months and give her adorable son, Josiah Wolf DuPree, a new brother/sister! Listen to her tale of pregnancy combined with her journey with embracing her baby-cookin' bod.

Jessie holding her precious baby boy, Wolfie, photo by  Bliss Katherine .

Jessie holding her precious baby boy, Wolfie, photo by Bliss Katherine.

When my wonderful sister Karsyn asked me to share about body image during pregnancy, I thought, “What the heck? Doesn’t she know I'm a mess when I'm pregnant?!” 

“What do I write? I've never written a blog!”

Eventually, I gathered my raging pregnancy hormones, threw them in a box, calmed down, and thought about how incredible the gift of creating a human is.

Whether you feel like, “I have 17 children and can’t wait to get pregnant again!” or “Oh Lord, I never want to procreate!”, we as women can all agree that being a girl really STINKS sometimes! 

However, I can personally say that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I mean, you fellas don’t get to make the tiny humans like women do. 

With that being said, make no mistake, LOVING the ability to create a child and NOT loving to be pregnant (for nearly a year) can most definitely coincide.  

During pregnancy, I puke my guts up for the first four months or so, have reflux nearly instantly after every meal, pain in my hips, back, you name it. To top it off, I had one of the hardest ends to a pregnancy the last time I did this thing [when I had Wolf]. 

Let me state very clearly, though, that the physical changes have absolutely NOTHING to do with my emotional struggles during pregnancy. It felt ike my backside got word that I was pregnant before the rest of my body even knew what was going on! Side note:

My husband actually thinks I’m slammin’ hot when I'm pregnant; the curves look good on you, girl!

During my first pregnancy, there was a point where I was told I needed to watch my weight gain because, on paper, I had gained more than the recommended amount for how far along I was. One of my very best friends in the whole world (who also happened to be one of my midwives the first go around) told me something I will never forget.  When I called her and asked about it, she said, “Jessie, your body is doing EXACTLY what it needs to do to create this baby.”

The words were simple, but what a revelation! It completely changed the way I thought about what was going on! 

The fact that our bodies know exactly what to do to create an entirely new life is INCREDIBLE.

We should rejoice in this, and be thankful that we are even capable of accomplishing such a huge miracle! When you think of it in this way, a few stretch marks seem more like the strokes from a master’s paintbrush!

If you really take a good, long look in that mirror, you might even come to the point where you think, “Daaaaaaang, I’m actually looking pretty good with these new curves!”

I could seriously ramble on and on about this subject….I love babies, I love the process of making them, and I love loving my body, but I want to end with some encouragement for you mommas, or mommas-to-be out there: 

Yes, your body is going to change during pregnancy…its gonna grow, momma, because your baby is growing.

Yes, your clothes are all going to cease to fit you at some point, and you’ll have to hit up that maternity sale!

Yes, you will at some points struggle with the fact that your body is growing and growing, and growing. 

BUT YES, you will get a baby at the end of it all, a life that came from your life. That makes the sacrifice beyond worth it! 

Bottom line: Your body is your body. It is beautiful, pregnant or not. Love it well, and it will love you well. 

By, Jessie DuPree

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