We've Moved!

No, not into a 19th century purple mansion, but over here! No more juggling between WordPress and BigCartel accounts for us! 

We've readied all NEW fall wear and a ton of new items added to SALE for you to sift through on your computer screen, in addition to all the BLOG posts, all on one site!  

This is me frolicking in our new  Heart Pullover , literally pulled-over our  Floral Racerback Dress

This is me frolicking in our new Heart Pullover, literally pulled-over our Floral Racerback Dress

The past few days have been a confusing and revealing time for BlissBranch, but we finally received our official TaxID, and applied for a business bank account. (That sentence makes me feel like such an adult!) We're still figuring out all that nonsense, but we have plenty of people in our lives to help us steer BlissBranch in the right direction! 

It just makes this all finally seem R E A L

I've always believed I would eventually be doing what I love. I would be writing. I would be meeting interesting and unique people who would broaden my mind and open my heart. I would travel, I would fall in love. 

I've also always believed that if you envision a future for yourself and don't take no for an answer, you will achieve your dreams. Yes, in the cheesiest way possible, you can make your future happen on your own, whoever you may be. It may not seem attainable all of the time, but you know those moments where you catch a glimpse of what you TRULY want? 

This is deeper than fashion. This is deeper than what society and the media tell you to want. This is true desire; this is the thing your heart gets sick over. 

Cling to those glimpses. Cling to those moments in which you have a vision for your life and work towards it. Some things will come naturally, some things will be harder to achieve and there will definitely be turmoil you'll have to overcome. There will be people who love you and there will be people who will cast you away. 

You have to recognize what is healthy for you in your journey toward your vision. If you surround yourself with people you don't see in that vision, with people who don't recognize or support their own glimpses, nevertheless your glimpses, then you may have to move forward from them. It's not always easy, but typically it's best for both involved.

Just because you have to say goodbye to unsupportive people doesn't mean you have to be alone! No no no! It just gives you an opportunity to say hello to new people who love and support what you love and support! They love YOU and they want you to love you so that you can love them and then really be a good friend. Get it? Make sense? Okay, cool.

Just care for yourself first. Understand yourself first. Understand what music you actually like, not the music you say is cool but you actually know one song and you actually hate it. Understand what speaks to you about life, about your soul, about your spirit. Learn yourself.

(Learn yourself so that you can meet the love of your life and be challenged, and make them understand you just so that you can start over and understand who you are together, because love is crazy and you'll want to incorporate new things. YOU will change, and you'll change together!)

So, if you're having one of those days where you can't be present, where you're waiting for Friday, or payday, or the day you graduate, listen up. 

Your life deserves your time. It deserves your brain power. It deserves your attention and your determination. With it, your life will reward you by thriving and proving that every second counts.

Without it, your life will only look like a bunch of lusted after tomorrows and forgotten yesterdays.

Who wants that?!

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