My Months of Hair Colors

So, many of you readers have been wondering just how I've gone from blonde to black to green to blue to pink to blonde again, all within the span of a month. Well, it really isn't as complicated as it may seem.

In order for you to fully understand, let me walk you through a brief hair timeline of mine. 

July 2014: Here is a really good example of a lazy, root-y version of my hair. I feel like though it seems like I may change my hair often, it always goes back to this.

September 2014: Flash forward to this look! Au natural, just me, my dark eyebrows and ma dark bangs. This is how genetics wants me to look, and occasionally, it's nice to see my eye color pop with this dark brown against my skin tone. Plus, as fun as having colored hair is, I think it's important to always be able to appreciate what we were naturally dealt, and most times, I think it's fascinating! Here, I had just used a temporary box dye that lasts only 28 shampoos. Granted, it fades to a not-so-awesome grayish ashy color...

October 2014 (early): Here, you can see that my hair does more of a 14 shampoo rule, as apposed to the 28 shampoo rule. Also, I have a sensitive scalp, so I use a clarifying shampoo with aloe and eucalyptus. This really helps wash away color, which is perfect because I frequently change my hair! When my hair hits this grayish stage that's when I gotta...


October 2014 (mid): Go blue! Or purple, or pink...whatever. This is the perfect time to pick a very DISTINCT color (no pastels, the leftover brown will still take over) and fill in the gray! I use a temporary (as always) and it varies from color to color what brand. 

October 2014 (mid): Sometimes, greens and blues can leave you with a muddy I-accidentally-mixed-too-many-of-my-watercolors look, and when that happens..

October 2014 (late): Go ahead and admit it: you're sick of the muddy color and you want vibrancy again! This is going to be a process, but that does NOT limit you to using bleach! Above, I purchased a non-ammonia, non-sulfer, non-bleach color corrector at Sally's Beauty Supply. I then proceeded to throw some leftover pink dye in it once I washed it out. Halloween was fast approaching, however, and I knew that if I was going to attempt to be Daisy Buchanan, I had to fix this weird hair color (which is basically the SAME hair color in the first photo of this post. I'm SAYING, my hair likes this weird pink-blonde-strawberry-orange).

October 2014 (late): I cut my bangs, but it wasn't enough! Daisy needed blonde hair! None of this peachy-pinky-yellow bogus! I knew what I had to do, and the answer still wasn't bleach! I applied generous portions of coconut oil to my hair and sensitive scalp and kept it on for a whole day. I drove to the drugstore and purchased a non-ammonia, non-bleach, permanent blonde dye with "lightening technology" and an essential oil mask and...

November 2014: Boom! Blonde again! Let me add that this was the color I used for my wedding as well. It is cheap as cheap can be and I'm sure still horrible on my hair, but I assure you, my hair has never felt better! (I use ColorSilk Ultra Light Natural Blonde) 

I hope this settles some of your questions!

If you have any tips you'd like to share, feel free!

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