Gearing Up for Fall!

I probably should have been doing this a couple of months ago, say, in September? Purchasing gourds for the table and giant pumpkins for the porch, but hey! We're in Texas. 

We're freezing and it's 65 outside.

All summer long, however, I've scoured for the perfect coat for the weather here and had absolutely no luck. Everything was either too flimsy or way to dense for the dramatic Texas weather changes. Everything until I found this!

This fabulous and delicate Bow Back Spring Showers Trench Coat is the perfect match for me!

I'm typically very picky with any kind of longer coat, but this bad boy hits right by my upper thigh and has a flattering and comfortable waist to accentuate the overall shape. Buttons adorn the shoulders and who can resist a double-breasted look?! Not me.

And can we just talk about this color?! A dusty periwinkle goes so flawlessly with the mustards and burgundies I'll dawn this fall, not to mention the pinks and yellows I'll look forward to during the spring time! Versatility is key, and everyone needs key items in their wardrobe that they can sport year-round. 

This lightweight babe is perfect simply layered over a dress or a short-sleeved blouse. If you need more protection, I'd recommend throwing a thin cardigan or pullover on underneath, but probably nothing with too much bulk. The sleeves themselves have such a delicate structure, it would be compromised with throwing on your favorite bushy wool Christmas sweater. 

Today, this jacket inspired a very tame look for me. Sophisticated, yet not eccentric. Colorful, yet not goofy. At Shabby Apple, all of their products are designed to inspire women and make them feel powerful while also assuring they appear polished.

Let's just say I'm Super Woman in this coat.