Eight Months!

Oh. My. God. 

It's almost been eight months since Collin and I got married. That's crazy! Does it not feel like it JUST happened?! 

The day after tomorrow will be Saturday, January 17th, and we will have been married for almost the amount of time it takes to carry a child and eight months is longer than an entire semester at school. It just absolutely blows my mind. 

The first few months were amazing in the sense that we were married and it was just infinitely fabulous. Our honeymoon began it all. We spent time in Colorado alone, then with my family, climbed mountains, drove through the most breath-taking mountains, and basically just absolutely killed it in our first month. 

Our second month was amazing in the sense that we were married and it was just infinitely fabulous aside from the fact that we hated our jobs. Collin was working as an electrician apprentice alongside his brother, Weston, and honestly, it was just an underpaid, insanely dangerous job. I mean, he's a stupid-handsome, stupid-talented guitar player who's twenty years old and he was crawling around in attics in over a hundred degrees in the middle of a Texas summer checking wealthy folks' wiring everyday. He would work from 7-5:30 everyday, but mostly he worked overtime, usually until around 7 each night. He broke his foot, his brother got heat-stroke and ended up in the hospital, and he had a nail go through his other non-broken foot.

I told him he had to quit, and I didn't give a flying fork what we had to do instead. I would work my juice bar/barista job from 5:30am-close everyday if I had to, but he was NOT going to die in some random stranger's attic before he could even turn of age to share a bottle of wine with me at dinner somewhere fancy. 



All the while, BlissBranch was kinda happening. I mean, I was selling old clothes to make up for my hours getting cut, and to just clear out my closet. It started like that and boom, we quit our jobs and began to do it full time. We've worked our asses off, and we won't ever stop working our asses off for BlissBranch, but we LOVE it. I love it. I'm so grateful. I'm literally in heaven everyday and I don't take any of it for granted. 




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