Okay, so, I'm not hugely into "RESOLUTIONS."


Don't get me wrong; I absolutely adore the idea of setting positive and realistic goals that you truly believe will make you healthier, happier, and have nothing to do with how you look, but how you FEEL.

That being said, if your New Year's goals consist of wishing for a smaller frame, a more vigorous and calorie burning workout, and to find your soulmate and get married, you need to revise! If you look closely, you see these are not goals (or #goals, if you will), but possibly dangerous and um, not happy, or healthy views of your new year. 


Recently, I've begun to pair my yoga practice with a vegan lifestyle, just to bring awareness to more natural, plant-based foods and materials. I've made this shift in order to have FUN with food, not to punish myself, lose weight, or take things off my plate. I've made this shift to see if my practice is affected, if my mental clarity is improved, and if my body is happier. 

Honestly, it hasn't been too difficult. Prior to this shift, I wasn't a meat-eater anyway, and dairy products were raw and organic. I'm not trying to insanely CHALLENGE myself or feel unsure or trapped, or lost. I know I can stop and make a grilled cheese or scrambled eggs at any moment if that's what my body wants, it just hasn't yet. 


I don't have moral issues with organic and/or sustainable dairy/eggs, I just don't like eating anything that has chemicals or blood in it, so I steer clear from meat and processed anything. This is a personal preference, and doesn't change how I feel about others or their food choices. I always encourage raw and all organic foods because they're not only delicious, they make you feel delicious! Besides maybe the occasional I'm, not-so-delicious cleansing gas that tags along occasionally 😂! 


Seeing as every body is COMPLETELY different, I believe that everyone should tune in and listen to their own intuition, learning what fuels their own body in the best way.

If you tune in closely, you'll find out that fad diets (commonly disguised with the appealing names of "cleansing" and "fasting") with beginning dates and ending dates won't make your body happy. I don't know about you, but I prefer to listen to my body, nourish it, work it, and love it EVERYDAY!

Not for three days. Not for seven. Not for ten.

Every. Freaking. Day. 

Put down the green juice and think about it. ;)


(I drink juice, okay, I just mean if you're not eating with that juice!)

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