Holi-daze and "Crystallized" Release


THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE, AND I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT. To be honest, this month has been pretty bonkers in general, and it's not looking like anything is changing anytime soon! Finally feeling like we're back(ish) in the swing of things after our move from Texas to Tennessee, and are now being hit with the holiday craze!

crystallized  -  (FORTUNES)  available tonight at midnight!

crystallized - (FORTUNES) available tonight at midnight!

This has been such an amazing month so far; the relaunch of BlissBranch has been sooooo incredibly rewarding, and we also are releasing a single tomorrow! Yes, if you haven't been following Collin and I for very long, we're also musicians and our musical project is called FORTUNES. Currently, we've only released one EP (you can find it on iTunes and Spotify) and we are working on a second. I just want to take a second to say THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for being so amazingly supportive and responsive with everything Collin and I have put our minds to, from music to moving cross-country! You are absolutely incredible.

Look for our single Crystallized tonight at midnight (December 11th), available everywhere! We're so excited to share what we've been working on this past year through all the growth, changing, and adventuring. 


This holiday season has been such a blessing; I've been able to take personal orders for our BlissBox relaunch, and I've had so uch fun with it. With launching new music, adjusting to the cold, and assembling BlissBoxes, I've felt kind of all over the map! We've put together my office (kinda sorta) for the first time since we've moved in, and it's sooo hard to get used to having my own space to work. We'll keep posting shots of the progress, but lately it's lovely to have shelves to organize, and a space to pick perfect cozy sweaters for BlissBoxes.

Speaking of cozy, since I'm still currently in a mild climate like back in Texas, I've been so grateful to still rock skirts and short sleeves occasionally! One of my fav new looks is definitely wearing these H&M flatform slip-ons with my patterned Sunflower Wavy Print Ozone Socks I scored with ShoppingLinks! You're never too old to wear socks with sling-backs. My husband thinks it's pretty dorky, and I'm sure most people do, but I think it looks adorable (not to mention warm) ! Just do you, am I right?!

OzoneSocks.com , ShoppingLinks.com

OzoneSocks.com , ShoppingLinks.com

Here's a 1957 record player I scored for my babe. You can find them on eBay for < $200!

Also, holidays wouldn't be holidays without reflecting on how stupid blessed I am to have my dear husband to spoil with random gifts. He literally deserves the world; he gives and gives and gives his support, attention, and enthusiasm to every hair-brained, eccentric, far-fetched dream I have every single day. 

As many of you have pointed out, I've given Collin his gifts as I've gotten them, because that's just the kind of gift giver I am! You can wrap your presents, and put them under your perfect Christmas tree (or hidden in a closet like my family), and wait three weeks for the other person to eventually somehow stumble across a confirmation email, or open a package with their name on it by mistake, etc.. You do you, I'm going to succumb to my impatience and give the gifts unwrapped aside from a little stick-on bow, because that's just the way I like it! 


How are you handling the holiday stress? Staying cozy? Listened to any good tunes lately? Let me know in the comments