Sakroots Holiday Travel ( + giveaway! )

Have the holidays been absolutely bonkers for you and yours this time round?! I know for our family, a whole lot of firsts took place, including our first Christmas in Nashville!

Travel can really take a toll on you, especially if your family is nestled across the country (or world!) and you have to take designated time off to dedicate a chunk of your energy to holding up meaningful traditions, or creating some of your own! This year, though we didn't get a chance to travel to see my parents in Colorado, we were so grateful for the time we were able to spend with Collin's big family here in our new city. 

What's your favorite travel accessory? Now, I don't know about you, but it's always SO difficult to find an appropriate and adorable bag to take with me anywhere I travel, especially overnight for an extended time (touring!). Not too big, not too small, I adore my Sakroots X-Large Duffel in Crimson Flower Power for a week or weekend-long getaway. 

Whether you feel deeply about animal rescue or musical education in schools, Sakroots gives you the opportunity to support what you're passionate about with their Choose Your Karma program. Choose your art from their original artist printed accessories and then choose the charity you wish to support! They match all donations once you choose at checkout. How freaking beautiful is that?!  

I'm also so thrilled to announce I'm hosting an Instagram giveaway and that you could win a Sakroots 3 piece cosmetic set in your print of choice! All you have to do is follow @sakrootsbrand on Instagram! #SRHoliday #sakroots #ColorfulArt #ChooseYourKarma

Have you been holding on to the same worn-out duffel since you were a tween? Let it go and take an opportunity to make a difference with Sakroots! 

What essentials did you pack over the holidays?! If you could help make a difference, how would you? Let me know in the comments!