Layered Madness!

Let's just begin by saying: you've seen them. I've seen them. They are like eye candy!


The posts on Pinterest and Instagram of these overflowing mason jars of multicolored goo that looks like something out of a vegan Willy Wonka movie or something.

(You know I'm right so now you're laughing at your inner child, aren't you?)

When making smoothies, especially multi-step ones like these, I am so grateful for my Magic Bullet. I know everyone rocks those $600+ Vitamixes (and no doubting their glory, I used them when I worked at a juice bar; they're phenomenal), but my purchasing of a (what, $60-$90) Magic Bullet is well worth it!

It blends so creamy, like aVitamix, I've never had trouble with chunks or pieces of my ingredients being chopped or not blended properly. I highly recommend it. You can get one here -->


Back to the smoothie. I actually did three layers (though the beautiful pink layer isn't really visible in these photos), and used three small containers from my Magic Bullet. You could also just rinse your blending device in between steps; it's up to you!

For the green base:

1 banana

1 date

1/3 cup coconut milk

handful of kale

-blend everything together, remove blade, pour in your serving glass (careful not to smear it on the sides!) and stick in the freezer!

For the pink strawberry layer:

1 handful strawberries (roughly 1/2-2/3 cup)

1/2 c coconut water

2 tbsp PB2, or ant powder/nut butter

-blend everything together, remove blade, place in freezer.

For the blueberry cacao layer:

-handful of blueberries

-1 tbsp cacao

-2 dates

-1 tbsp goji berries

-1/2 c cashew milk

-Remove all containers from the freezer. Pour your strawberry layer into your serving glass atop the green layer, then top with the blueberry layer!


-serve with any toppings!

Karsyn DuPreeComment