Urban Vintage Wardrobe!

Dress:  BlissBranch 

For some, wearing vintage in their everyday life is complicated.

Here's a news flash: it doesn't have to be!


Rocking vintage is effortless, and can actually be easier than sifting through generic patterns in a chain shop or online store. Some vintage pieces are absolutely timeless and very easy to connect with.


Others stand out and can actually make you blush with the thrill of trying something new! However, you can always tone down an outfit with neutral shoes and other accessories, and a simple hairstyle. 


My favorites are anything with a fitted waist and a circle or skater skirt. Sweetheart necklines are also a bonus! Collared ones?! Yes, please! 



I'm so in love with the baby top-knot. My hair is too short to rock the full thang anymore, and it doesn't matter! Being innovative with your look is such a fun and expressive part of fashion.  

Karsyn DuPreeComment