Feeling Gray

Yesterday, I posted about wanting to change up my hair again (surprise, surprise), and with the help of my adorable, multi-talented husband Collin, I fulfilled that desire! 

Now, I've attempted gray. I've even managed to get my hair to a grayish, bluish tone. However, I wanted something darker, and something overall more honest. I wanted a full-on, root-to-tip GRAY. 

I used Ion Color Brilliance Intensive Shine Medium Violet Ash Blonde (wow, what a mouthful--Hi, what color is your hair, or medium violet ash blonde, duh). I also used the recommended Ion 30 volume developer for sensitive scalps. You can get everythan' at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Seeing as how I'm attempting to grow out my undercut, my hair stays in a constant state of half of the thickness that I want, and it was getting really frustrating with a clavicle-length 'do. I had been debating going for a pixie cut, but I KNOW I get so sick of it when it grows out (been there, done that, five years ago). 

Instead, I carefully examined my newly gray hair after rinsing in the shower and decided those horrible frizzy, crunchy, split ends had to go.

"Babe?!" I yelled across the house.


"I need your help."

"Okay, one second."

With my husband, he might as well say thirty minutes, so I grabbed the scissors, made a pouty face and snipped the side bluntly. It looked SO CUTE (also, I had to love it because duh, no turning back now)! 

He came in and finished up the whole cut for me. I instructed him that I wanted a "tapered and blunt" look. How they co-exist in one haircut, I'm not sure. He made it happen. Being married rules.

Collin's been playing with a Canon EOS REBEL T2i that we're testing out from a family member that doesn't ever use it. We're SO grateful they're letting us learn more about DSLR cameras, because we've absolutely been craving the chance to buy our own. We tried Nikon first, but we weren't feeling it. Canon is way more intuitive for us.

Today, we shot at an eerily beautiful abandoned house.

Dress: ASOS

Excited to rock my new silver bob to my brother's graduation this weekend and then our anniversary trip! What's your fav hair color that I've rocked this year?!