My Body Journey


So, to be quite frank, the entire concept of Whole30 baffled me. Mostly because I've never been a meat-eater, and mainly cook only vegan for Collin and myself (my husband, who is vegetarian as well), and mostly because it's really easy for me to think lifestyles like this tend to exclude food more than they include it. 

However, I decided to finally do my research regarding a vegan/vegetarian take on the program. After having completed the Way of Gray program last month, I was looking for other methods that also did wonders for the body, and some friends had raved about this.

Finding the information I was looking for was way easier than I expected! On the official website, there are shopping lists for both vegetarians and vegans who wish to experiment with the program and they include protein sources that I know I already love, which was my concern. Seeing as grains and legumes aren't a part of the initial Whole30 program, I was super worried at the beginning, but my fears have been quickly quelled!

The main thing I find myself struggling with lately (and honeslty, since Collin and I got married one year ago) is sugar. Being a newlywed and also working from home are two things I'm so grateful for. Two things I would not trade for the world and two things I would not change about my past year. 

However, I have a confession. During our engagement, while Collin was away on tour, I began restricting the foods I was eating to a mere handful of different meals, working overtime, and over-exercising as to be certain I would fit into my dress. Everyone said it was completely healthy and normal, something every bride did to get ready for her big day, but I knew I was setting myself up for a future disaster. 

Though this was the most amazing day of my life, I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle during my engagement in order to achieve a low weight.  

Though this was the most amazing day of my life, I struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle during my engagement in order to achieve a low weight.  

The majority of my adolescence was spent skimping on proper nutrition and dieting fanatically, not to mention smoking and drinking heavily. Most of us make it through this stage unscathed and have the determination to bounce back to our ideal state of health. For others, it takes more time to get a handle on the life they know they deserve and living the way their body deserves. 

All this to say, I have always projected balance and positivity because it's something I've always been working on and always will be striving towards and promoting! Deep down, I knew not taking care of my body before my wedding would only backfire and cause me to become sluggish, gain weight, and result ultimately in anxiety and lack of balance. 

After coming to a point where I knew I was emotionally eating and not moving my body the way it deserved around this past Thanksgiving, I bought myself a membership to our local hot yoga studio. Yoga lights a fire in my body, brain, and heart, and my body is always smiling all over when I walk out. It's the only thing I've really stuck with, and the only thing that just when it seems to get easier, it gets harder. Hehehe! But really, I have nailed some postures I never would have dreamt, and I'm also planning on doing a teacher training in the next few years to become a private instructor eventually in Nashville (one of my ultimate goals, so fingers crossed)!

Not the best form, but being a dork the other day.  

Not the best form, but being a dork the other day.  

Yoga always came very organically and I've never really had to push myself to attend. Mirroring the balance I felt in the studio with the balance I needed on my plate was a different story. With the Way of Gray program, I learned so much and I definitely do recommend it to anyone who is willing to work out at home and I mean really WORK out. I did every workout and discovered that HIIT really is quick and effective. It just wasn't FUN for me. And that's okay! Everyone is different. I learned so much about different types of vitamins, nutrients, and other nutritional information that I had no previous knowledge of, and my core became much stronger with the exercises which has since aided my yoga practice.  

Way of Gray helped me to build core strength, so those pregnant comments on Insta? No ma'am! 

Way of Gray helped me to build core strength, so those pregnant comments on Insta? No ma'am! 

I went to my doctor today (after months of feeling like I'm struggling with stress in addition to possibly emotionally overeating) for the treatment of a lovely bladder infection. TMI?! Sorry, but I'm a woman who frequently gets them and I've been to specialists and I can give you every natural remedy to deal, but at the end of the day, sometimes you need those antibiotics! Anyway, I was weighed and measured. 

Honestly, I was so terrified. Not terrified of the number being too high, but of my reaction. Was it going to be something that would send me into feeling bummed? The answer, surprisingly was no. I read the number (which, thankfully, I know means little to nothing when it comes to health) and I knew I had built so much muscle. I was so proud of myself for becoming such a strong and versatile, dare I say, athlete?! I was inspired, if you will. It was the final kick I needed to really look for balance and get serious about it. 

After lunch, I met with my beautiful and incredibly talented aunt Sheri, who is a clinical social worker and an integrative nutrition coach and I just vented. I let her in on everything I've been feeling about food and how I'm struggling to get protein and how I'm just needing a reboot, and a little advice. She had plenty and after a couple of hours chatting and discussing my current lifestyle, we both decided that a vegetarian Whole30 would be an amazing move. 

Honestly, I consume sugar in every form, mostly all day, and in excess. My body is addicted! Consuming too much of one thing will always lead to problems, so by finding balance with natural carbohydrates, I should be able to find a good foundation to move forward after these 30 days!

I'm ready for the change, but I'm also ready for any tips, tricks, and recipes! You can comment or email me at 

Dinner tonight was Rosemary Lentil Soup


-1 onion diced

-4 cloves of garlic

-4tbsp Olive oil

-4 carrots diced

-2 stalks of celery diced 

-one bag of frozen kale

-2 yellow potatoes diced

-1 sweet potato diced

-4 cups of water

-6 cups of soaked green lentils (soaked overnight)

-salt to taste

-2 tbsp rosemary sprigs

-5 sage leaves diced

-black pepper to taste


1. After dicing all of your veggies, throw the onion and the garlic in the pot with the oil and salt. Cool until onions are translucent.

2. Add all other veggies and spices, and two cups of water and allow to boil for 30 minutes.

3. In the meantime, in a seperate pot, bring your lentils and just enough water to cover the top of them to a boil. Allow to cook for twenty minutes.

4. Once lentils are cooked, pour them into your soup pot with your veggies and voila!

5. Top with sauerkraut, avocado, and roasted red peppers!


My aunt gifted me some of these lovely superfoods to kick start my week. Love! 

These are my journeys and opinions. This is not to be taken as personal or professional advice.