Hanging Succulents Tutorial


Making M E S S E S!

Last weekend, I posted about crafting some hanging succulents post on Instagram, and here's a quick review of the steps I took to make them! So simple, you're going to make a ton!

Firstly, there are a few things you need to have handy.

1. Hemp or Twine 

We used hemp, because it's overall just an amazing resource, if you know what I mean. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive, and not to mention very durable! I found mine at Michael's, but you can purchase it online here.

2. Candle Holders or small Glass Jars

We snagged these on sale at World Market for $1.99 a piece!


3 & 4. Your choice of succulents, cactus, whatever && gloves

Wal-Mart, Lowes, or just about any local fair-trade or small greenhouse should have these.

We began by tying the hemp chord to the lanterns beforehand, just so we wouldn't have to deal with flinging soil everywhere. I would suggest measuring before, since we didn't, ours ended up slightly lop-sided! 

After that, we repotted the succulents. It was so simple! And messy. Very messy.

We added river rocks to the cactus that wouldn't stand up perfectly straight, just to give them more stability. 

OPTIONAL: We also picked up some discounted, pre-made faux succulents at a crafting store, to add different looks to the arrangement. I definitely think with a little twine, you could do this on your own!

And voila! Easy peasy hanging succulent decor. Just get your 6-foot-4 husband up there to hang them and you're all set! 

...Or just use a step stool.