My Daily Eye-Makeup Regimen

Need a new go-to daily makeup routine? This is the one that works for me! Literally, I've been wearing my makeup more or less exactly like this since I was fourteen, so I've had a few years to scope out some pretty lovely products that work.

I'm a huge fan of a cat-eye, and it's what I do daily. Sometimes, I do change it up and leave it off, but I've gotten some questions regarding my techniques to achieve my eye-makeup look, so we'll just start with this daily look!

Firstly, I've already done my skincare and powder regimen, which consists of a light SPF tinted moisturizer, translucent powder, and blush. You can find those steps on this Q&A post.

Secondly, I wet a brush or a fingertip and apply a light shimmering powder. You can use a gold, a silver, or a white, but I just stick with a creamy shimmery silver. I've switched up my brands throughout the years, so just use whatever judgement you want when it comes to this powder. Pallets with multiple colors also work wonders, and you can use a darker color for this next step. 

After applying the lighter shimmery powder to your lid, use the same dampened method to apply a darker shade to the crease. I have dark eyes, so I choose a dark brown.

Using the same color and method, dab some powder underneath your lower lash line, just from the outside of your eye to the middle.


I always choose this point to curl my eyelids. The liquid eyeliner is coming next, and you never want to smudge it! 

Some people are dangerously intimidated by liquid eyeliner, but it's really not that spooky! Granted, I've been using it for seven years, but I still think it can be mastered by anyone looking to learn! My trick is speed. The longer and more precariously you paint on this look, the more shaky and wobbly your wings will be! One smooth streak up, and you're good to go!

I start on the very outer edge of my eyelid. I do NOT apply the liquid to my entire lash line because my eyes are almond shaped and can be shrunk to being microscopic with too much eyeliner. Think, opening your eyes, not concealing them!

Almost done! Mascara is next! I'm a huge fan of RollerLash or Smashbox mascara, but you can use whatever you please. I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes.

This step is optional, and you can choose any color you want, but I LOVE applying a copper color to the innermost part of my lower lid. It just adds a mermaid pop! I've experimented with blues and greens, but copper works best with my eye color. 

The final step is damping a finger or a brush and going underneath your brow with a translucent powder or white eye-shadow. This really makes your eye makeup and brows pop!


I definitely don't think you need to wear makeup everyday to feel beautiful, I just think sometimes it's a fun way to express yourself and experiment with your own features! 

What's your favorite way to do a cat-eye?! Any tips for us summer-lovers bound for the beach?! Let us know in the comments!