Our Lovely Room Pt III + Interior Crowd Collab

If you've been following our bedroom journey at all, you've seen our step-by-step collaboration with the designers at InteriorCrowd, and I'm sure you're ready to see the FINAL REVEAL! 

Here's a couple shots of the designer's first and final renderings of our space. We were so excited from the very beginning, and knew the outcome was worth waiting for.

Gray bedding? I thought the sexiest, prettiest bedding was white....boy, was I wrong!

This is the board the designer originally pitched for me to decide if I wanted to work with her or not. Obviously, she knew what I loved! The concept of floor-length mustard curtains to cover up our AC unit and box fan?! Oh, heck yes.

With our budget being pretty skimpy, and shipping/availability being crazy, we had to make a few adjustments to the final design. Throughout the process, our designer was more than supportive and flexible, sending us updated renderings each time we had to change something. 

At the last minute, we threw in this black chair from Target to give us some shoe-putting-on space. 

Little fuzzy (faux fur) touches are my absolute favorite. I just adore bare feet on sensory stimulating surfaces like this. Is that weird?! It makes for a cozy addition to that side of the bed. Layered rugs have never really crossed my mind but this fits perfectly!

Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest-scheming up my room just as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need help! 

This is why the folks over at InteriorCrowd have the right idea. They make finding an interior designer not only affordable, but personal, practical, and convenient for anyone! Personally, I feel like our master bedroom is a really good place to start decorating, I just never knew where to start!

I'm excited to share a partnership with InteriorCrowd (or @interiorcrowd if you're on social), an online interior design company that will connect me with a talented interior designer who will help me transform my master bedroom. As a gift to my readers, InteriorCrowd is offering an exclusive deal. Go to www.interiorcrowd.com to get started with a style profile and use promo code 'ickarsyn' to get 35% off the regular design price of $299!

I hope you get an opportunity to take advantage of their design process, it's so fun! 

To find some of the things in our room, here's a list!

Faux Down Duvet

Gray Comforter and Shams

Mustard Floor-Length Curtains

Blue Nightstand

White Box Side Table

Black and White Rug

White Lamp