New Year BlissBox!

It's that time again! *insert dancing girls emoji* 

Has everyone been holi-dazed to death and are ready to get started on a cleansing and balanced new path for 2016?!

Some of you may know that last year around the holidays we offered a special box filled with handmade and vintage goodies, topped off with a special sentiment just for you (or whomever you gifted the box to).

After the holidays, we did away with the boxes, and reworked the Box in order to make the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone. Prices do fluctuate for the boxes each month, but we strive to keep the contents versatile, personal, and hands-on! Try the unique BlissBranch experience!

For the New Year BlissBox, our focus is mainly surrounding the concept of cleansing, purifying, and starting fresh with statement vintage and soothing wellness products. Balance is key this year!

but HURRY!

We have a limited supply and they change each month!

By preordering, you are securing that you will be one of the lucky folks to receive this exclusive BlissBox and also snagging a personal portrait by Karsyn! Yes, you are taking a risk and trusting that we will pleasantly surprise you with goodies, but that's the whole fun

I can promise that the following things will be in the New Year Boxes! 

- 2 hand-illustrated plant-based recipe cards

- 1 Moon Rivers Naturals Activated Charcoal + Himalayan Pink Salt Bar

MRN is a company brought to you by our dear friends from back home in Tyler, TX. We adore working with them and they're family company is so charming and inspiring, not to mention sustainable and so so incredible!

This soap is perfect for all skin types. The charcoal detoxes your skin, while the himalayan pink salt replenishes it with magnesium. A great soap for those sensitive to scents or essential oils, and activated charcoal is such an amazing ingredient, you can use it to help with the healing of minor cuts, mosquito bites, and ant bites.

Approx 4.5oz


Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut*, Olive*, Safflower (non-gmo), Activated Charcoal, Himalayan Pink Salt. 


-1 Moon Rivers Naturals Smudge Bundle

- 1 vintage garment from the BlissBranch vintage shop

-1 It Looks Like Rain matte art print (8" x 11" standard) by Sherri DuPree-Bemis *BlissBranch exclusive* (watermark not included on physical print) !

-1 MONQ Personal Diffuser! We're sending out the Zen and Happy diffusers with this BlissBox which both encourage health and vitality (one per box!) *view their online disclaimer*

If you’re just hearing about MONQ® Therapeutic Air® for the first time, it’s a recyclable diffuser that promotes mood change and various effects through our custom blends of essential oils and the ancient practice of aromatherapy.

MONQ is the simplest aromatherapy device in history. You don’t have to know anything about essential oils—we do all of that for you. Simply pick the way you want to feel, open your MONQ, and breathe in as your MONQ diffuses an eclectic blend of essential oils and wild plant extracts!

MONQ is available in 7 different blends, all of which are organic, natural, and free of nicotine, tobacco, or artificial chemicals.

- a personalized/customized message (whether you need a little inspiration or you're giving the Box as a gift!)

- not to mention hand-decorated with love and joy!

After the preorder period is over, all orders will be shipped and received within 10 days of the order being placed! 

US Shipping only. Only $5 for your order!

Please understand that since BlissBoxes are based on a person-to-person basis, we cannot offer any returns, refunds, or exchanges. We will strive to get your BlissBox perfect just for you, so please, be as specific a possible with the survey that follows your purchase! 

We love you, and we encourage you to embrace a balanced and cleansing path this year!