Quick Beauty Tips: Skincare


So I've been receiving quite a few questions about my personal skincare regimen, and I'd love to share what I've found helpful.

1. w a t e r


You are what you eat and drink. Got that?

By now, you probably know how amazing and essential water is for optimal health, and it's recommended that you consume *at least* 64oz of the stuff each day to experience the benefits.  *That's only four water bottles/mason jars, which is totally doable!*

Research suggests that water may ward off breakouts by decreasing the concentration of oil on your face, yet managing to keep dry skin hydrated enough to not peel and crack.

could h2o actually be the fountain of youth?

Adversely, if you drink sugary beverages, you may notice changes in your skin, especially your face, chest, back, and arms. We all relate to the concept of eating too much candy and breaking out in zits, but studies suggest sugar can do more damage to your skin than a simple pimple.

Simple carbohydrates like white bread and potato chips are easily converted into sugar (glucose) which rapidly raises your insulin levels, resulting in inflammation. Too much inflammation can disrupt the body and cause all sorts of problems, but in the case of skin, it can break down the collagen and elasticity of the skin and can cause premature aging signs in the form of lines and wrinkles

Not all sugar is created equal, however. That brings me to...

2. b e r r i e s (antioxidants in general)

Antioxidants are killer at getting rid of free-radicals from the environment of our daily lives, and they are all up in those 'lil blueberries. In fact, studies suggest that one cup of wild blueberries contains 13,427 total antioxidants in addition to Vitamins A & C (that's ten times the recommended daily amount of antioxidants)!

For those of you who're not too familiar with free radicals, they basically are greedy little atoms that are missing their electron molecule and will destroy other healthy molecules to get it back. In turn, free radicals have been shown to turn our skins' oil molecules rancid and (once again) deplete the collagen that keeps our skin healthy and youthful-looking.

3. e x f o l i a t e

Though I use filters, I   never   photoshop my own images. My skin stays clear with the help of these tips! Especially exfoliating.

Though I use filters, I never photoshop my own images. My skin stays clear with the help of these tips! Especially exfoliating.

Ever since I was a child, my mom always taught me how to cleanse my body with a wash-rag. What I didn't realize until I got older (and started having sleepovers at others' homes) was that a ton of people don't use rags or any sort of daily exfoliating tool.

Ppersonally, I never felt as though I could "get clean" without a new cotton rag everyday, so whenever I saw one synthetic sponge shared amongst a family of three or more, I would cringe! How are these people staying clean? Chances are, they weren't and they were probably struggling with clogged pores and excessive oil.

Vigorous scrubbing isn't necessary or even ideal to achieve smoother, fresher skin, but a decent amount of pressure and a circular motion with a natural fiber rag or brush will do the trick. By exfoliating, you scrape away the dead layer of skin cells and germs that have built up on the surface of your body and leave a clean space for new cells to shine! After removing the layer of dead cells, you also are helping prevent the prolonged clogging of pores with excess oil and bacteria.

4. m o i s t u r i z e

Sistersofnatureboutique.com -- photo by Alaina Mullin

Sistersofnatureboutique.com -- photo by Alaina Mullin

Sistersofnatureboutique.com -- photo by Alaina Mullin

Sistersofnatureboutique.com -- photo by Alaina Mullin

Moisturizers definitely come in many many many forms, but I've recently fallen head-over-heels with Olive & Atelier's LOVE AND ROSES beauty mist. I did a photoshoot with one of Nashville's incredible boutiques, Sisters of Nature, that focused on this line of products because they are ABSOLUTELY STELLAR.

Honestly, I've never consistently worn a moisturizer for more than a few weeks at a time, but I'm so hooked on this product. Despite my reluctance to spray something directly on my face, this mist leaves my skin feeling slightly sticky, plump, and radiant!

This product contains tons of naturally amazing ingredients, one of them being glycerin. The makeup artist working with me mentioned that glycerin was a complexion superstar, so I looked into what it actually was. vegetable glycerin is an organic, non-toxic sugar-alcohol compound composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Glycerin works on skin as a humectant, and helps lock in natural moisture without drying out the skin, and is believed to also help prevent dry patches on your face during the winter.

5. b y e  m a k e u p

This is something I love doing: ditching my makeup! I definitely struggled with it up until recently, though, and finally letting my skin breathe has been such a relief! It really has helped my skin regulate the amount of oil it produces, instead of staying too moist or too dry.

By ditching makeup, you not only give your skin a chance to adjust to it's natural state, but you also give yourself an opportunity to just be. Wearing makeup can be a fun and expressive way to explore your look, but it's a pretty grounding and eye-opening thing to connect with the way you naturally look. Every feature and every "flaw" is so beautiful without any alterations.

Personally, when I do get made-up, I only use six products:


5. e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner (left)

6. RollerLash (right)

t h a t ' s  i t !

What are your favorite ways to take care of your skin? What other types of topics are you curious about? Let me know in the comments, and share this post! xoxo

*these statements are based on my personal experience and research and aren't to be considered expert advice*