Upcoming eBooks + Anthro Hack: Pom Tassel Curtain DIY

Hello, loves!

I've been staying up-to-date on social, but haven't posted in a couple of weeks on the blog. I'm sorry! We're going through so many changes here at the home, which will all shortly be in big posts! We've been doing DIYs for half of our home improvements, so I wanted to share a very special *and successful* one I'm in love with in addition to an update on all things Bliss.



It's absolutely been a whirlwind of a month, and we've been busy partnering with so many brands for the upcoming BlissList: a post highlighting brands and companies we're passionate about at the moment to share with our readers! We'll be doing BlissList posts about once a season to keep you up-to-date on all things Bliss.

Speaking of upcoming changes, I have a few new announcements coming within the next few days. As I've stated on Snapchat and Instagram, we've also been working on a series of eBooks and tip sheets for the Shop! These will revolve around all concepts we're passionate about here at BlissBranch, including vegan living, mindfulness, budget decorating, and organic beauty products.

Initially, we did a soft launch of the BlissBranch cosmetics, and though I believe in these products, while ordering containers, labels, shipping supplies, etc., something came over me. Some of you may have read how passionate we are about reducing waste (we are a zero waste household), and how we finally made the transition to becoming vegans after we became informed of the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries. That being said, I made the decision to not be responsible for more waste. 

You know the teach a man to fish metaphor? Yeah, that's what we're going to do here...only without killing fish...or being men. 

Basically, the BlissBeauty eBook will give you all of the tools and recipes to make cruelty free, vegan, and 100% organic makeup and beauty products for the rest of your life! 

I'm hoping to have a video uploaded with more details soon! 

Anthro Hack: Pom Tassel Curtain DIY

So this inspiration came from a shot of my friend Elsie's bedroom. She had these Anthropologie curtains that just gave me major heart eyes. Collin works for A Beautiful Mess part-time and helps out on electrical and carpentry projects with them. His brother, Weston, is actually currently in town to help out on my sis-in-law Stacy's home with the same type of work. I love our Nashville community!

Needless to say, Collin has a large skill set with DIY projects, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve! *side note: sewing is not one of these tricks, so this is a no-sew DIY, feel free to sew if you wish*


anthropologie.com - At $100 a panel, these can get a little pricey if you're looking to cover more than one window. My DIY version cost me less than $50 for two panels and a curtain rod! 

anthropologie.com - At $100 a panel, these can get a little pricey if you're looking to cover more than one window. My DIY version cost me less than $50 for two panels and a curtain rod! 

D I Y  V E R S I O N



  • 6 yards of natural cotton muslin (you can get heavy weight if you'd like a more sturdy look)
  • white pom pom trim 
  • fabric glue or stitch witchery (I used both to try out, but I preferred the glue)
  •  if you chose the stitch witchery: an iron, ironing board, spray water bottle
  • if choosing glue: a blow dryer
  • measuring tape
  • curtain rod
  • scissors
  • paperweight or stack of books
  • patience -- to glue is to dry, that's why the blow dryer is a life saver on this one


  1. Measure what length you want your curtains to be. I like mine from the ceiling to the floor, aka extra long, so I kept it around 8 ft. Whatever you choose your desired end result length to be, add one foot for hemming 6 inches on each end.
  2. On a flat surface, measure out your muslin and cut to size. I just folded my muslin in half (it was a giant fold, I know) and cut it straight then trimmed the excess. You do what you feel comfortable, as long as you get two same-sized panels.
  3. Apply a thin line of glue straight across the hanging end of the curtain panel about 6-10 inches away from where you cut. Allow 10 seconds for glue to get tacky, then fold and press the muslin onto the glue. *if using stitch witchery, do the same process, only follow the ironing directions on the package*
  4. Place paperweight or stack of books on the fabric that isn't glued and blow dry the glued hem. Repeat on the bottom side of the panel, and then again on the second panel. 
  5. Sigh and smile because you have made curtains!
  6. Measure the pompom trim from hem to hem and cut accordingly. You'll need four strips total, all the same length.
  7. On the same side you pressed and glued the hems, you will be gluing the trim. Apply glue in sections or one straight line if you have room on your flat surface and allow 10 seconds for it to get tacky. 
  8. Press trim onto glue and blow dry. Don't forget the paperweight!
  9. Repeat four times.
  10. Turn the panels over so that the glued side will be facing the wall/window, and go ahead and hang these babies up! If you did everything correctly, you should be able to wash these and do whatever you want with them! 

This project took me around 2 hours total, but I also was kind of improvising with two dogs running around my feet. Definitely the easiest DIY I've done in a long time and also one of the prettiest! You can get larger pom poms, but they're a little more expensive. I got my trim for $1.99 a yard at the fabric store and my natural muslin for $2.99/yard. The curtain rod was $12.99 but it's HUGE and really nice; I think I'm painting it gold! I already had the fabric glue, but I did purchase the Stitch Witchery. 


I hope you try this easy Anthro hack for your dream curtains! $200 vs $50? 

Can't beat it!