May 2016 BlissList


As I mentioned last week, we've been wildly running around getting our home decorated and livable since we moved in last month. This is by far the nicest home we've been able to rent since we got married, and it's also the only home we have not been allowed to paint.


Seriously? No painting? Yes, it's true. It's the sad, sad, truth. However, during our lease signing, our agent mentioned that the house will be available to us for a rent-to-own scenario after our lease expires (one year) if it's something we'd be interested in. It's really fulfilling knowing that all of our hard work could actually create our first real home, so it's always a possibility bouncing around in the back of my mind when I make design decisions. 

Seeing as the longest we've stayed in a rental has been ten months, I can't 100% foresee what we're going to decide. I do know that Nashville is a huge hot-spot right now, and the market for purchasing a home is exploding (not ideal, ugh). Our current home isn't too wickedly priced so if we're planning on staying in Nashville to start a family (still unsure), this would most likely be our pick (but no promises). We've talked with experts to help our credit out, mine is butchered from student debt, and Collin has absolutely none. *Holla if you know the struggle**

If you've been following me on Snapchat (KarsynDuPree), then you've had the first few peeks at everything that's been happening before it makes it's way to the blog or Instagram, and I can imagine I'll keep it that way! Snapchat has been an amazing tool for building suspense all the while also bringing me closer to you all! I adore hearing your feedback, and your opinions have definitely shaped the outcome of my design plans. 

Throughout this crazy transitional time, I've been so thrilled to be able to work with some of my favorite companies to assist in not only promoting our happy home, but also helping with our own personal happiness! 

This is our first BLISSLIST, a round-up of our monthly favorite brands, artists, products, and trends that keep us thriving! May has been thrilling, so check out what's helped along the ride.

for the home


FramebridgeSomething I cannot believe I've lived my whole life without is having a special and durable frame custom made for a priceless piece of art. By collaborating with Framebridge, I was able to not only find a frame large enough for a statement piece of art, but guess what?  didn't even have to do it myself. It's so cool! Their whole system is genius; whether you choose to mail them your piece of art to be framed (they send you a prepaid shipping container), or you upload a high-res image or scan to their website upon purchase, they don't charge you extra fees. It's all about you! They're also super speedy --- once my Irvine frame shipped, it was on my doorstep in two days. 


Snoogs & Wilde - Speaking of something special, Snoogs and Wilde is the Etsy shop housing the incredible artwork from my favorite artist, Sarah Martinez. Sarah is also the artist behind my watercolor butterfly tattoo on my forearm, which I requested after stumbling across her work on Pinterest. When deciding what image to put in my new Framebridge frame, she was the first person I thought of! The gallery of her prints is huge, and it was actually really difficult to choose! Eventually, I settled on this Prickly Pear Cactus for the statement piece, and two smaller prints (this Pineapple Watercolor Print and this Ginger Jar and Flowers) to accent. They're so special to me that I dedicated a whole wall in my kitchen to them --- I definitely spend the most time in there!


RugsUSA It's been so thrilling to collab with RugsUSA twice more for this new home! They really have thousands upon thousands of rugs to choose from, and it makes finding an on-trend rug so easy. We love the look of the shag rugs that are trendy right now, but as vegans it can be challenging to find alternatives to wool. With RugsUSA, I literally spent hours looking for the right ones --- there are just so many beautiful ones! We decided on this one and this one and our dogs are obsessed!


MuralsYourWay - This is obviously our most special space in our home! Our dining room was such a huge project, and we have been working with MuralsYourWay for a few months leading up to our dining room reveal. We're going to do an in-depth post following this BlissList professionally reviewing and showing you how to use their SmartStick removable murals. If you want a tough material that is bold, beautiful, and leaves no damage, then you have to check them out! It took me weeks to decide on what print we wanted, and at the last minute I changed my mind to this amazing Watercolor Palm Seamless Mural--- I couldn't be happier! Seriously. I might've cried. You try walking into this room without smiling! #palmsfordays


WallPopsFollowing my huge and super special collab with MuralsYourWay, I knew I wanted one more accent wall in the house, and I definitely wanted pink. Surprise surprise! Also, wanting to stick with our Palm Springs-inspired modern home, I loved the concept of something retro --- something geometric. I was so thrilled to fall across WallPops removable wallpaper for a pink statement wall behind our bed. It turned out so amazing! The installation was definitely a little more difficult than with MuralsYourWay --- just make sure you have a smoothing tool and you'll be fine. Now, just to accent with more white, fuzzy textures, and gold!

for the body


Life Essentials Skin Care: MoisturizerNo filter or editing on the two pics above because I'm so obsessed with my skin right now! I've been using Life Essentials Skin Care Moisturizer for around three weeks now, and I'm loving this summer glow it's given me. Being vegan, I am so passionate about finding cruelty free products that not only show results, but also use organic and sustainable ingredients. I struggle with patches of dry skin, and when used as directed, this stuff has been gentle enough for my sensitive face and effective enough for my arms and elbows! Give this new company a look!



Roots Hummus - It's no secret that as a whole food vegan and a health coach, I tend to make all of my foods in my kitchen with ingredients I can see. However, sometimes I forget to make hummus and it's nice to have a store-bought brand which shares all of the same food philosophies and has no artificial ingredients! Roots hummus is definitely my go-to when I'm somewhere like Whole Foods and just needing an organic, vegan, and gluten-free option that doesn't have any refined sugars or oils added. They stick with clean, traditional ingredients, and sometimes even have some creative flavors! My favorite is the Mango Sriracha!

"Lace Marie’s mission is to use our presence to raise awareness for the need of music and arts in underfunded communities. We will bring people together to express themselves through the arts and style while supporting children, teens, and adults pursuing musical dreams and endeavors. As a brand we want to encourage  everyone to be themselves, express themselves, and believe in themselves."

"Lace Marie’s mission is to use our presence to raise awareness for the need of music and arts in underfunded communities. We will bring people together to express themselves through the arts and style while supporting children, teens, and adults pursuing musical dreams and endeavors. As a brand we want to encourage  everyone to be themselves, express themselves, and believe in themselves."

LaceMarie EyewearAdmittedly, I haven't been spending nearly as much time this month getting dressed up and spending time with friends/out in public. I've been much more inclined to have friends over, chill in my breezy clothes, throw on a pair of shades, and sit on the porch. We live with a lot more space than our old home, and it's been so nice to spend time outside! With the weather warming up and festival season amongst us, I've fallen madly in love with LaceMarie Eyewear, an accessory brand inspired by festival fashion and the music that comes with it. Being a musician, this message fully speaks to me, and I love supporting companies who share a similar message: enjoy your life!  

We're definitely going to be focusing on more roundups in the future!

Are you interested in becoming a part of the next BlissList? We're always looking for fun home and lifestyle brands to add into our lives!

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