Dress:  ASOS  Belt:  BlissBranch

Dress: ASOS Belt: BlissBranch

Good morning! Over at this house, we let ourselves sleep-in until nine (which is absolutely unheard of), but we were out last night performing our first FORTUNES show.

It was an unspeakably fun night, with a very intimate crowd of friends and family. My heart is so full from the incredible support of everyone there; from new friends and old ones alike!

The bands that went before us were jaw-dropping. Literally. Marathons and Unicorns was an adorable dad and his adorable eleven-year-old and three-year-old drummers just improvising. My sister-in-law Christie, Collin, and myself had our mouths open in disbelief the entire time. It was phenomenal! Then there was Caleb Turnman from TEAM playing with his pal Timothy from the band Dresses (both of which I love), who just sang and played acoustic guitar together in an enchanting, Vampire Weekend, Kings Of Convenience-esque performance. Finally, the band Author, who was comprised by several amazingly kind men that just so happened to all be stunningly talented. 


It was my first performance with in-ear monitors, and we had practiced for several hours the day before. I walked on stage to find my in-ears weren't working and I didn't have a stage monitor, so I just sang by hearing the speakers in the audience. It was stressful, but incredibly fun and exhilarating.

For the record, I don't tend to get nervous when performing or talking in front of others, but there's something so  different about performing your own songs. Songs you've never sang before in front of anyone besides, well, your closet (where we record all my vocal tracks). I mostly just get nervous and anxious about things that hold no merit to me at all. Little things like whether the dishes are done or whether I'm buying the cheapest bread or those types of pointless worries. 


It's like I found myself singing on stage wondering if anyone was interpreting the lyrics or something? Which is comical because I've never been at a show standing there wondering if someone was singing about a lost love or possibly a root beer because their lyrics were so obscure and confusing.  

I haven't heard any recordings from last night but regardless, it was so fun to play music with the love of my life and have a crowd that laughed at my unsure and dorky comments.  


As far as FORTUNES goes, we do  have very exciting plans for this year. We're currently in the final stages of recording our first record Stories, which is due to be out this summer. If everything goes according to plan, that is. We're still working out the financial planning that's going into it, and brainstorming fund raisers to finalize the remaining components of the record, but we're hopeful.

Collin holding one of his prized possessions: his beloved  viola .

Collin holding one of his prized possessions: his beloved viola.

I mentioned in my previous post that we are planning a move, what I didn't mention is that I'm also writing a book , so that's news. Dreamy what-I've-always-wanted-to-do-since-I-was-a-child news. The book is going to be a kind of tell-all memoir surrounding mine and my husband's history in addition to my own personal journey with body image and self-love. I'm so honored to have this opportunity from the lovely people at The Altar Collective, who will be publishing it and working with me on how to really make  a book. They're incredible, please check out their site! 


As as for today, we're working and recording as per usual. The BlissBranch shop has been something we're working on tweaking, adding new products, artists, vendors, etc., and we need YOUR help! We're looking for small businesses with established clients and incredibly unique art and products to include in our future updates.

If you're interested, email us at and we'll try our derndest to get back to you! The screening process takes a bit of time and if our slots fill up, please don't think we're going to forget about you for our next endeavor!


This email address goes for anything and everything BlissBranch. Questions, comments, complaints, please just email us. We recieve and sift through so much spam and harassment on social media, it's so hard to tell what's genuine from what's just some other site wanting to sell our customers some other product. Most times, users will be deleted and blocked from our pages if comments appear to be scam or spam. This practice was put into affect after consulting my friends, fellow business owners, muscicians, and sisters-in-law, since they've dealt with their share of these experiences. It's nothing personal, at all! We firmly believe in professional emails, just not comments via social media, that's all! 

We love and respect each and everyone of our readers' and customers' time, energy, and views. We want every BlissBranch experience to be a positive and rewarding one! :)  

Don't forget about our most import member of our family! Our darling Créma has been a handful lately, but just look at that FACE! 

Don't forget about our most import member of our family! Our darling Créma has been a handful lately, but just look at that FACE! 

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