Life Update + Things to Make You Feel Well

Hello, my loves!

I do apologize for my absence the past few weeks, but it's been a whirlwind over on our end of things. We have a few things to share with you toward the end of the month, we couldn't be more excited about! Until then, just be patient. I promise, it will be worth it!

Personally, I have been so plugged into my life here in Nashville that my online presence has just not been on the forefront of my mind. So much so that I haven't even been taking photos of my life to document on Instagram...though I assure you: I am in fact alive.

I'm seriously dying to let you guys in on some news, but I know it's best that I hold off. I tend to get ahead of myself with new projects and such that I'm not fully prepared for a launch. As much as I believe in the concept of better done than perfect, this is just one of those things that needs to reach a certain point of momentum that I can spill the beans.

Wow, I'm doing a good job at being vague! You're probably like, then why the f**k are you even blabbering about something if you're not even telling us yet?! I know that's how I would feel about it!

I guess I should begin discussing some of the things that aren't a burning secret. I've been really working with brands on some cool upcoming podcasts, which will give you guys a huge discount toward the products offered. I've also become an affiliate of my friend Amanda Gyuran's newest program, the Liberated Movement Method. Honestly, you guys know me. I wouldn't endorse anything I didn't fully believe in! This program really is an incredible way to transform your relationship with exercise, your body, and the way you move. It will help connect you with your intuition and also allow you to learn what feels good with your very special and unique body. These ideas and concepts have ignited a fire in me that makes me feel so in touch with what my muscles need each and everyday (Hint: sometimes it's literally doing nothing at all).

In a weird way, I feared I would never reach the point of being 100% chill with sitting on the couch all day. I had always struggled with accepting the concept that our bodies legitimately do burn calories at rest and require just as much fuel as on a training day, maybe a little less, but that's not something that you should attempt to restrict. By allowing myself to fully enjoy a rest day, without any guilt, I've shifted my entire appreciation toward food and my body. 

It really is a unique and complex experience, creating that conversation with your body and learning to really listen to the way it communicates its needs. For me, I start getting twinges in my lower back or my neck, I find myself falling asleep on the couch around eight at night, or I just can't stand through my whole shift at my day job.

I'm still learning, but I definitely think I've made unsurmountable progress! I genuinely believe you can too! Don't miss enrolling in Amanda's Liberated Movement Method course before it launches on October 31st! 

Another super incredible thing that I've recently accomplished is my newest ebook! Have you gotten yourself the No Worries Reboot yet?! Well, don't worry if you haven't. This week, it's on sale for just $12! It's a complete 10-day guide, full of delicious recipes and practices to help you reset and reboot your system, and feel better and more balanced.

No Worries Reboot


I think we’ve all experienced those times where we’re traveling home from a wild vacation or a party weekend and we feel not-so-awesome. Maybe a prickly headache, cravings for salty snacks or sweet treats, and body stiffness. We feel inflammation all over and we know there’s no way we’re walking away from a much-needed fun time with some not-so-fun consequences.

Maybe you’re coming off of a really restrictive diet, saw no results, and realize your relationship with your body is a little strained. Maybe you just want a little help with realigning your system, resting, feeling energized and satiated.

As a firm believer in balance, I realize some people accept these unpleasant side-effects as a fair trade for drinking with friends, hitting up their favorite pizza places, and lounging by the pool for a few days. I also believe that some of us run our bodies to the edge (myself included!) and when we unwind, we give zero fucks. This can feel rewarding and freeing in the moment, don’t get me wrong, but overdoing it isn’t always best.

Regardless if you’ve overdone it this weekend, or you just wanted this guide as a preventative measure for future occurrences of you not feeling your best, I’ve got you covered with tips and plant-based recipes to help you feel divine in no time!

Snag this 10-Day Guide to feeling your calmest, most confident self! 

*This is not a vegan guide. I do include eggs in these recipes, and keep everything whole-food based. Everything can be modified!

10% of all sales go toward the ACLU

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I love you guys! Have a wonderful week!