Trend Alert: Rose Pants

For the past few months, I've come to realize something...

I'm over wearing dresses. Not because I'm a feminist, but because I like the way my legs look, I occasionally have been known for doing yoga poses throughout the day, and wearing  bottoms makes me feel fab. I've recently become a pant connoisseur and have drawn a few conclusions.

Gauchos and culottes are in fact, the perfect kind of pants. Why did we ever let them go? Oh yeah, because they were all made of jersey material and we typically sported Birkenstocks with them. *dry heaves*

I'm also intermediately obsessed with dress pants. You know, the grandma kind with the pleat all the way down the leg? Bonus points if they have a built-in belt that sports the same color. And let's not forget the most crucial aspect to finding the dreamiest pant: hits at the waist, not at the hips. Legs for days!

With their recent rebirth, these two types of pants are chicer than ever. I really believe the main trend we've all noticed is rose-colored everything! Dusty rose hair (ahem, me), coats, blouses, lipstick shades, you name it. If you haven't found yourself an amazing vintage pair, I've done some scoping to assist your search.

Click on the photos below to find your perfect pair!

Karsyn DuPree1 Comment