Our Living Room: Before + After

As many of you have seen on Snapchat (KarsynDuPree), we've experimented with several different design concepts for our living room. In this post from a few months ago, we were certain of one specific plan, and our result was actually far from those concepts!

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Here, we'll start you at the beginning: our old house. 

It's amazing how far we've come, even in the six months since we've moved from that space. We were blessed with being able to paint our rental walls white (not the case for our current home), and we had also fallen in love with this velvet vintage couch. When we decided to pursue our current sectional, the tribal pattern on this rug (RugsUSA) became too confusing together. At the time, I still think it looked cool with the accessories we had in our home, I just realized my home needed more pink.

We sold the couch above to fund our new sectional (also used) and traded the coffee table for a used IKEA platform bed (gotta love those buy-sell-trade FB groups). 

This is a rough iPhone photo from our first week in our new home. We were obviously experimenting with what we had to see if it could work in our space. Unfortunately, I wasn't in love with the mustard and black-and-white against the (unpaintable) beige walls. This is where I had to do extensive research (Follow me on Pinterest!) and get creative!

Next, came this post on our old blog and now that I look back, what the hell was going on?! Honestly, moving was so financially draining, I tried all the DIY I could, but this rug looks like a practical joke. The mint color on the TV console is also atrocious. Now, remember, this is all in the context of a beige room. I truly believe that if these pieces were in a white room, we wouldn't have hated everything so much.

Now, our new space!


After several weeks of rearranging, putting up, taking down, visualizing, huffing and puffing, we decided on a plan and executed it in 8 hours. 


In summary, our living room was a cumulative effort made slowly over time. We really love where it is now, but don't be surprised is we change some things in the future. I can already tell you that the mustard pillow is no longer in that room, and I'd eventually love a large white-washed oriental rug in the space. Possibly a more mid-century modern console for our TV, and definitely more plants. Stay tuned for the details to come!


We also had been procrastinating finishing the cactus decals on the walls until those 8 hours rolled around, and we quickly got started! I also made those curtains, and you can find the DIY for that here

Here's a little breakdown of what this room cost for us: 

+ Entertainment system - $40 a Goodwill, updated pulls and painted it twice! I hate the look of a TV in the room, so it's a cool piece of furniture.

+ Giant Snoogs & Wilde print - It was a gifted collab with Framebridge, but you can score a print that big of any image you'd like for around $140 on their site.

+ Various plants - Home Depot, Lowes, and some fake, $15 for the big one, $5 for every other one!

+ Shelves - Gifted to us and then painted, but they're originally from Target for $12.99

+ Brass Lamp - Thrifted for $8

+ Coffee Table - Hobby Lobby $30 on sale, we painted the legs

+ IKEA Sectional - $300 used without any legs. We bought the legs separately from eBay from someone for $30 for 8

+ Pom Pom Curtains - Around $50 with the curtain rod included. DIY found here.

+ Rugs - The just rug is actually our tribal rug from RugsUSA ($105) flipped over and layered with a thrifted rug ($14) on top!

+ Misc framed prints - Less than $10 for each

+ Throw Pillows - I made most of our pillows by sewing the cases and stuffing them with older pillows' stuffing. Usually not spending more than $10 on each pillow. 

+ Planters - Some were gifted, others we bought from Lowe's for $5-$8. The Crate was an awesome find for $3!