Weekend Insights + Special Ebook Sale!

Hey babes. How's your weekend going?

We've vowed to stay home today to accomplish some blog-related business and finish some music projects we've been neglecting, so it's been a productive Sunday on our end thus far. (That isn't to say we aren't going to continue to binge-watch Bate's Motel and devour watermelon and rosé as soon as we finish all of our work, because it is Sunday, after all)!


This week was filled with work and family hangs for my SIL Stacy's baby shower, which went so stunningly. It's funny, as I'm sure is the case with so many of you, family triggers some of my worst anxiety. Not even being around family, just the mindset that I need to be doing everything I can to try and visit with those who've traveled to our city, but I'm working, but I'm exhausted, but I'm hungry, but but but but but ***anxiety***! Anyway, it's something not everyone understands, but I'm grateful to have ones in my life who respect my mental and emotional boundaries, especially after a long day when all I need is self-care. It's when you get out of all of the should-s that you can truly connect with what you actually desire. Example:


**I should've eaten a salad, but I ate a cookie instead. F**k, I suck.** 

Try observing that and changing it to more of a curious and honest form of self-conversation.

**Okay, so I ate a cookie. I've been eating more sugar than I usually do lately, even though I know eating whole foods like salads make me feel amazing. Am I craving something sweet in my life? Am I dehydrated? Do I actually want a healthier alternative like a pear or a few squares of dark chocolate? No? Then, I guess I just wanted a cookie, and I'm giving myself permission to have one.**

Spent the beginning of our evening at Mckel's   Nutrition Stripped  Cookbook release party! Always support women you think are inspiring, especially those who've impacted you!  Especially  if they're local!

Spent the beginning of our evening at Mckel's  Nutrition Stripped Cookbook release party! Always support women you think are inspiring, especially those who've impacted you! Especially if they're local!

We definitely spent Friday evening roaming around the 12 South area of Nashville, having cocktails and enjoying each-other's company, only to come home (on National Dog Day) to find our couch fully ripped apart and eaten by our two angels. On National Dog Day. We also used that evening to reach out to some loved ones we had been growing distant to, so despite our couch's untimely death, it was still a healing time and space to be in. Sometimes, I can be a stubborn little shit, and honestly, I don't really let things go easily. However, I know if I hurt someone, even though I don't think my opinion regarding an issue is wrong (some argue that opinions are never right or wrong), I can still apologize. Hurt is hurt. Feelings are real, whether or not you feel them, and half the time it's the feelings and the hurt that is causing all the discussion rather than the actual disagreement. Ya know? Or am I being too vague? Whatever, I know some of you know exactly what I mean. 

What can I say? We know how to have a good time! #balance

What can I say? We know how to have a good time! #balance

Well, Saturday morning was spent at hot yoga, sweating out some of that alcohol from the night before, and really just connecting with my intention of being more curious in my body, experimenting, and observing. Life is short, so I'm always trying new methods of feeling my best so that I can give my all to the ones I love. If you heard my podcast episode with Katie Dalebout, you may've heard us mention being in the flow of the Universe -- catching all the green lights, getting a text from the friend you were thinking about just five minutes before, etc. I'm definitely doing some rapid growing right now, and it's feeling pretty incredible.

For the upcoming month of September, I've been scheming up some time-management strategies that will help me stay focused and aligned with some commitments I keep putting off, including more blog posts, releasing more ebooks and guides, and also more personal things like self-care, and finances. Balancing my new job, family, food, and the blog has been a little complex and this past month, I made some tactical errors when it came to following through with new projects, but I'm coming into the new season with a clear mind.

I'm honestly so happy and I've been feeling so healthy these past few weeks, so the obvious thing to do is to continue to share some of my favorite tips to making more mindful and healthful adjustments in your life to feel well. I still constantly get questions regarding eating well on a budget, being vegan, and trying to stay balanced, and that's exactly why I made my ebook earlier this year! 

Some of you are new to the blog, and I'd love to welcome you with a special $10 off coupon for my ebook, The Mindful Vegan Guide & Cookbook. Just use the code WILDWELLNESS upon checkout to redeem your $10 off, and get to cooking! *This is for a limited time only, and only applies to the Mindful Guide & Cookbook, not the standalone Cookbook at checkout.*