Trend Alert: Fall Finds


So, basically it's still 100 degrees and even thinking about wearing a scarf sends my body into a full-on sweat-induced coma --- but that doesn't mean I can't daydream about this upcoming season! I mean, it's already September, so I think I'm not too far off base.

Anyway, I think if there's one thing we can agree on, it's fall fashion. Accessories, accessories, accessories! I don't know about you, but I usually love having two scarves, two coats, two pairs of jeans, and two favorite pairs of boots. Maybe a hat here and there, and it's the one time of year that I really just want to dye my hair a deep shade of auburn. I won't, don't worry. 

I'm obviously not a PSL kinda gal, it's filled with artificial flavors and dairy, but you better bet I'm going to be posting my favorite cinnamon and clove-clad latte creations really soon.

I wanted to go ahead and share a few of my personal staples for the upcoming season, so you can have ample time to find your favorite picks!

You can just click on the image and it'll take you to the product. For this post, I used ASOS, HM Conscious, ban,do and Alternative Apparel. These are brands I feel good buying items from, but as long as you go into making a purchase thinking that you'll wear the item more than 30 times, I believe you can consider that a sustainable purchase for your life. Don't stress so much about where you're buying it from (because stress and guilt isn't healthy!) but support sustainable brands when you can, and in other occasions, just wear the shit out of your purchases! Only buy things you love. **All the boots are non-leather of course as well**

1. Beige Coat

2. White Scarf

3. Boyfriend Jean

4. Black Skinny Jean

5. Black Boots

6. Pastel Tote

7. Pastel Hat

8. Graphic Pullover



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