Modern Boho Bedroom Moodboard

Hello, loves! 

It's been a hot minute (or, erm, month) since I've shared a blog post. To be honest, I felt almost as though I couldn't trust myself to not be like, EHMEGAW, I'm pregs and I'm kind of miserable and excited! I mean, this was absolutely the case for me -- well, it still kind of is. As I type this, there's a bubbling in my stomach and a bit of acidity in my chest. It's basically always a mixture of hunger, nausea, and acid reflux. Ugh.

Pair the above with constant baby questions and visions for the future? This is what brings you the miserable and excited version of myself. Mainly excited. And anxious. Pretty anxious.

However, I've had a ton of fun exploring the internet in my downtime, and let's face it -- I have a lot of downtime. Regardless of the possible overexposure of EMFs (ugh, if you don't already know, learn about this here), I've been planning out some inspiring boards of my own for our future home.

Yes, future home. Yes, we're moving. It's complicated, especially since I think the last time I blogged, I mentioned buying our home. Well -- that was an absolute bust on the sellers' end of things, and it's not going to be happening. This news coincides with our lease ending at the end of this month, so we're toying with a ton of different possibilities for the remaining year. After all, I am going to be giving birth in the fall and I need to be getting things moving now. Literally.

Collin is really the one steamrolling this whole thing, and I'm rather pumped. I mean, I hate moving. Moving fucking sucks! But I love living in a new house. Does that make any sense? I love moving to a new part of town (or part of the country!) and having a change of scenery. Somehow, we also managed to accumulate so much shit that doesn't match our personal style and have been working hard to get it out as to not slow down the moving process any further (hello, FB buy, sell, trade groups). 

Speaking of personal style, I've finally realized why I've run into so many problems with my past homes. I've always been drawn to multiple different styles and really loved a variety of different decor in people's homes or on Pinterest. The problem I have has always been applying these separate pieces to my own space. Enter: the interior design quizzes.

That's right! I took about ten online personal style quizzes to determine what the fuck it was I actually liked consistentlyThe end result? Modern Bohemian.

Honestly, I was a little surprised, but very happy to finally know wtf I liked. I highly encourage you to look into taking some of these quizzes!

From left to right, moving from top to bottom: Rug, Dresser, Wall Hanging, Paint color, Wall Sconces, Pink bed frame, Bedding (similar), Bench, Gold Mirror, Gold Floor Lamp, Faux Sheep Skin, Hanging Planter (similar), Pouf, Ombre Latter, Bedside Table, Terrarium (similar), Hands Jewelry Holder (similar), Rattan Bassinet, Tassel Shams