Tahini Ball Balls from Jessica Murnane's One Part Plant Cookbook

If you follow me on any realm of the internet, you'll know how much I love snacks. In fact, I would go so far as to say I enjoy snacks more than most meals. I love the variety of options, textures, and sheer freedom they possess.

After 7PM, my household basically looks like snacks on snacks and I'm completely fine with that. 

So, naturally, when I received my copy of Jessica Murnane's One Part Plant Cookbook, I was instantly drawn to her Snacks + Sips portion of the book. I searched and scanned the contents for something quick, easy, and quite frankly, I needed something sweet.

Recently, I haven't had the best time digesting nuts and legumes, so I was so stoked that this recipe called for my favorite seed butter, tahini. I don't know if you've ever tried a sweet tahini dish, but if you haven't --- your life is about to change.

Even my husband was like, "Ew, no. I don't want a tahini dessert. It's so bitter!" 

My reply was a forceful shoving of a Tahini Ball Ball in his face so he had no choice but to take a bite. Though he was a bit bothered by the gesture, his face lit up within one bite.

"Damn, she's onto something. These are so good!"

In her book, Jess mentions that her son is obsessed with these, and kids aren't always the easiest to please, so I figured these would be a crowd-pleaser in my household. I would also be lying if I said I didn't throw one to each of my dogs, since the ingredients are absolutely pet friendly and they just looked so desperate to try them. I don't really blame them.

If you've hung around here long enough, you know that Jess is a friend of the podcast and a much needed voice for women struggling with endometriosis. In the book, Jess describes her personal journey with the illness, outlining how shifting to a plant-based diet saved her from getting a hysterectomy. So, not only do you get badass, crowd-pleasing recipes, you also get Jessica's personal tale of nutritional triumph. 

Did I mention the forward to the book was written by Lena Dunham? For all you fellow GIRLS lovers, yes, it's true.

I will note that she does make the case that this is what has worked for her, and she's not everyone. However, she outlines the notion that everyone (including our planet) could absolutely benefit from incorporating one plant-based meal a day. Enter the concept of One Part Plant.

Jess also has two podcasts, one in which she interviews the latest and greatest inspiring peeps and what they're doing to get shit done (One Part Podcast), the other is brand-spankin' new! Yes, I'm talking about The Cookbook Deal, a podcast that takes you through her entire journey of getting her book published. 

Obviously, if you're new to OPP, Jessica has made a vast beautiful world surrounding her work, and there's a lot to explore. I recommend starting with preordering the book, subscribing to both podcasts, and then going back through her blog to learn more about her. 


You can just start by making these delectable Tahini Ball Balls.

Tahini Ball Balls recipe adapted from One Part Plant Cookbook | page 210 | recipe yields 10-12 pieces


- 1/4 cup tahini

- 1/4 cup rolled oats or hemp seeds (I used flax seeds)

- 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes or shreds

- 2 teaspoons raw honey or real maple syrup (I used 1 extra date + 2 teaspoons water)

- 2 Medjool dates, pitted

- sea salt

- 1/2 tsp maple extract (my addition)

- toppings: matcha, cacao nibs, coconut sugar, flax seeds, lucama powder, shredded coconut, etc.

1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor until sticky and crumbly.

2. Roll desired size chunks in your hands until they form balls (I used 1 tbsp)

3. Roll balls in desires toppings.

4. Refrigerate to set for about 20 minutes before enjoying.

5. Enjoy, or keep stored in the fridge!