pearl print

pearl print

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hey there! so excited and honored you’ve considered purchasing a print from my moodie moons digital art collection.

as this is a new endeavor, i am offering limited sizing for these prints (at first). these are all unframed.


for each print, my supplier is using premium matte poster paper. this is not a thick cardstock paper, but a thinner poster paper. this type of paper is ideal for mounting the prints with something gentle like painters or washi tape, or something more permanent like flush tacks.

personally, we hang our prints with flush brass tacks and build frames to hang above them. this is a simple option but feel free to frame your own prints in glass or just hanging solo!

in the photo we have two 24” x 36” poster prints hanging in our living room.

once ordered, your prints can be configured either in portrait or landscape. i personally do not care which way you prefer! the intended rendering is oriented in the photo above.


(the art will be stretched to fit the dimensions)

11'“ x 17” // photo 3 // $24

18” x 24” // photo 4 // $36

24” x 36” // photo 5 // $58

36” x 48” // photo 6 // $86

please review product options and select the according size/price before purchasing. double check you’ve selected your desired size before purchasing!

The images in the description of this print have been resized to prevent unlawful reproduction of the image. The original images are optimized for printing. No returns or refunds are artwork. PLEASE measure your space ahead of time!


Shipping is included in the price of your print. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your print!

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