The Wilder Podcast | Episode #12 | Carly Morgan Gross

Hey, my loves! As many of you know, I've been on a bit of a hiatus (miscarriage, election, etc.), but I'M BACK AND READY TO PARTY!

Ready to start the Sexy Self-Care party with Carly Morgan Gross, that is.



So, this is another one of those babes I'm completely obsessed with. I fan-girled rather hard when Carly messaged me randomly one day in response to a silly Instagram story I posted. I kind of freaked out.

You see, Carly is such a unique and inspiring beacon of love and hope. She encourages self-care, self-discovery, and self-love through a multitude of avenues, always reminding us that our physical bodies are merely a piece of the puzzle that is our entire existence. We are so much MORE!

Take her bio for example:

Hi, beauty. I'm Carly.
I'm a Mind-Body Nutritionist, Self-Care Alchemist, and Self-Love Coach.  
I help sensitive souls feel at home in their bodies and at peace with food.
 (PS: your sensitivity is your greatest gift!)
 I guide women out of binging behaviors + body shaming and into their innate wisdom, intuition, and divine nature.
 I’ll also help you say goodbye to the diet-restrict-binge-emotional-eating rollercoaster and teach you how to turn your food into (quite delicious) medicine so that you can feel free and at ease from within.  
Ultimately: I will help you feel damn good: from the inside out.  
Want that? 

Her perspective is so refreshing, and it really resonates with me. When she encounters clients struggling with food and body-image, she encourages intuitive eating. Of course, we hear people talk about that all the time on the podcast! However, she also believes that there is nothing inherently wrong with eating nurturing whole foods, plant-based superfoods, as a means to thoroughly nourish your vessel. I feel like that's somewhat rare in the world of body-positivity, because it can translate to some people as a type of restriction.

When you think of these healthful and glorious foods as inclusive instead of restrictive, then you can really shift your perspective, and change the way your body feels. You can even thrive on these foods! 

Okay, okay, we don't just talk about food. Like, we hardly talk about it compared to the topic of sexuality and sensuality. What?! We're talkin' about SEX, baby --- and you're going to love it. Want to know how to harness and embrace your feminist, and how that does NOT make you less of a woman (or a feminist for that matter), you absolutely have to tune into this episode. You're going to love it!

Show Notes:

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