The Wilder Podcast | Episode #2 | Jyssica Yelas

Hey, everyone! I'm so stoked to announce the first guest on the podcast is Jyssica Yelas of the Style Opal!

Jyssica Yelas is a fashion stylist, blogger, and social media consultant based in Portland, OR. Having been raised in East Texas with Hawaiian and Oregonian roots, she moved to Portland after graduating from Oregon State University to pursue her passions.

Initially inspired by an opal ring at a market in Florence, Italy, Jyssica started The Style Opal in 2014 to celebrate what she believes makes up personal style:  a reflection of the experiences, interactions and travels of the individual. The color play of an opal reflects every color of the rainbow, just as personal style is not confined to one approach, but can reflect any every angle of a person and their passions or moods.

In this episode, we got really conversational. Please excuse and embrace the conversational likes, ums, you knows, etc. that occur during this episode. I'll be better about speaking more clearly in the future! It's also an episode with some f-bombs and other swear words, so if listening around little ones, throw on some headphones! 

In addition to discussing Jyssica's journey from cheerleading teen to boho-chic lifestyle maven, we also touched on a few social and cultural issues that might make you uncomfortable. Sit in the discomfort and see if you agree with what we're talking about!

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