The Wilder Podcast | Episode #8 | Maddy Moon

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this week's guest. To say she's changed my life would be an understatement, seeing as she's one of the main reasons I started the Wilder Podcast in the first place! Can you guess who I'm talking about?! 

Uh, yeah. The one. The only.  




Over the past few years, Maddy Moon has impacted thousands of women through her Mind Body Musings podcast, private coaching, books, courses, retreats, videos, blog posts, and more. She's traveled the world, interviewed countless influential and inspiring guests, and made a career for herself by pursuing her passions. 

Obviously, this lifestyle didn't happen overnight! In this podcast, Maddy lets you in on some pivotal tips that transformed her life and her relationship with money, her business, the way she stays grateful, and more. 



Though I initially discovered Maddy through her work with eating disorders and developing a healthy relationship with your body, I've loved the recent shift she's made to her brand. She's diving deeper into the reasons we use, abuse, push, pull, grasp, reach, soothe ourselves, substances, and partners. She's getting into the real shit and drawing inspiration from many different realms and walks of life.  

Dont just take my word for it! Check it this episode and be looking for my episode on HER podcast soon!

Show Notes:

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She told me (and you) to go follow Julie Bower and see how she balances her different interests so flawlessly. 

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Don't forget to check out her brand new FREEDOM LOUNGE to transform your life! 

That delcious lemon poppyseed cake she was talking about, and don't forget the ice cream!