The Wilder Podcast | Episode #9 | Amanda Gyuran

Sigh. I'm still drifting on a cloud after this morning's interview with Amanda Gyuran, aka my new best friend. I think that regardless of where you stand with your relationship with exercise, you're about to have your mind BLOWN by this podcast episode. 

Amanda Gyuran is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Pilates Instructor who helps women transform their relationship with food and fitness. Clients learn to ditch the diets, restriction, and self-sabotage while finding pleasure in all areas of life. Amanda works with women worldwide to create personalized mind body nutrition programs that focus on body acceptance, all while achieving and setting goals in a loving, nourishing way.

After moving to Manhattan to pursue a career as a fashion designer at the early age of 18, Amanda began consuming the message of rail-thin perfectionism as the ideal look of her chosen industry -- resulting in a bout of exercise addiction and loss of interest in her art all together. She began pursuing health coaching, eating psychology, and through working with her own coach, she was able to rebuild and restore her relationship with her body and movement. She inspires women everyday with daily inspiration via her Instagram captions, or one-on-one with her life-changing coaching programs. 

I'm not going to spoil of of the juicy shizz we cover in this episode, because I want you to listen to the entire thing and soak it all in! You're absolutely going to want to listen to this every day, or possibly take notes to read and affirm just how incredible your body already is. 

In this episode, we also briefly talk about my decision to re-incorporate eggs and now sprouted wheat into my diet (after three years living gluten-free). That being said, if this is something you've been wanting to do as well, Amanda gives some excellent tips for taking it slow and moving forward in the powerful experimentation that is listening to our bodies.

Pretty delicious, huh?! ;)

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With this course, you'll receive all of the incredible tips and content that helped Amanda work through her struggles with exercise and truly heal the way she views movement. You'll also receive pilates videos, audio lectures and cool bonus modules to propel you on your way to learning healthful and intuitive movement. Registration starts on September 30, and the course begins on October 31st! 

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Not a ton of show notes, but we can't forget about the delicious brownie she mentioned from Cafe Gratitude. Seriously, you guys, I want to go SO BADLY!