The Wilder Podcast | Episode #7 | Young Marriage + Staying Motivated

Hey, everyone! So, I mentioned on Instagram that I was taking questions for a Q&A-style podcast episode, and this is the result! I ended up just choosing and focusing on two questions. 

One being: What are the pros and cons of getting married young? What obstacles did you face? What was the resistance from your family if any? How did you deal with that? Any advice?

#2: How do you stay motivated?

These are two questions I could probably speak on in depth for hours, but I kept this a little tame. Please know that these are just my experiences and personal views on these subjects. I know that some of what I'm speaking on in this episode is controversial and you may not agree with my stance, but that's totally fine. I'm TOTALLY fine with that. 

There isn't really much to put in the show notes other than the book I mentioned by Gala Darling, which you can find here

Love you all so much! Let me know what you think of this episode!