Episode #20 | Healthy Glow Collective with Lee Hersh

Happy Happy Friday, everyone!

You may have learned by now that I periodically space interviews apart with an empty week in between, but I'm brainstorming ways to make sure you never go a week without a podcast episode! Let me know in the comments what type of episode you'd be most interested in with just me. Maybe Q&A style where you write in and I answer your questions? Maybe a round-up of things I'm loving? Again, I'm brainstorming.

source: https://healthyglow.co/

source: https://healthyglow.co/

In the meantime, you're going to thoroughly enjoy this episode with Lee Hersh of FitFoodieFinds, a food and fitness blog dedicated to finding a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle, and Healthy Glow Collective, a recent collaborative online wellness space brought to you by Lee and Monique (from Ambitious Kitchen). 

With the Healthy Glow Collective, you can sign up to be included in their Facebook community, and also purchase your own copy of the Healthy Glow Guide to kickstart your wellness routine. As you'll hear in the podcast episode, the mission behind the Healthy Glow Co is for people to feel their best from the inside out and really have a good time while doing so.

Show notes:

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Read all about Lee and Monique's wellness journeys and their experiences with unhealthy relationships with food here.

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