Episode #23 | Welcome to Season 2 + Ask Me Anything!

Hey everyone! Long time, no see -- er, read?


Today, I'm committing to releasing my first podcast episode of the year, kicking off Season two with a special Ask Me Anything episode. You asked, I answered. No, really. I honestly did my best to answer to most common questions I get on my IG -- we talk everything from sex to what I'm feeding Phoenix to how I currently view sponsored content. 

I've honestly been so rough one myself when it comes to when to start the podcast and what the perfect chance will be like. Turns out, there's no time like the present, and I'm sick of putting it off! Let me know if you like these more personal episodes. Personally, I can't wait to have guests on the show to chat all things wellness and entrepreneurship. 

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Show notes:

- Jenna Kutcher's Goaldigger Podcast ( "Serve, serve, serve, serve, serve & THEN sell")

- Studies on the truth about soy & another | Soy vs Dairy | Chicken culling 

- Influencer agencies: Revfluence & Socialix