Episode #26 | Postpartum Sex, Life, and Conversations with Jessica Hilzey

What's that smell?!! Can't you smell that smellllllll.

Ahh. The sweet scent of a new episode with a GUEST and not just me. So happy to bring you this episode with the lovely Jessica Hilzey of @KeepBreathingMama on Instagram, as we discuss her experience with birth trauma and how healing from both of her births affected everything from her relationship with food to sex. 

How did I meet Jess? Well, honestly, I never have. Sad! We are kindred veggie mamas living in separate states (she's in Grand Rapids, Michigan) and she has really opened my eyes (and ears) to conversations surrounding gentle parenting, lactation, birth, vaccinations, and so much more. She has a genuine voice and really has taken the time to answer my questions in the past, so I just want to share her with the masses!

Announcements from me include how I changed my Instagram handle after TWO YEARS of being @Wldrnessa and really taking on that title. Will it change the blog name? I'm not sure yet. Stay tuned on the podcast for updates.

Jess with her daughter, Magnolia 

Jess with her daughter, Magnolia 

Show notes:

You can find Jess on Instagram here | Here's that Gentle Parenting account she mentions