Episode #27 | Creativity, Fashion, Food and Embodying Your Culture with Ayesha Erkin

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Wilder Podcast with me, Karsyn DuPree. This week, we're talking to a family friend of mine, the very talented Ayesha Erkin.

In this episode, Ayesha clears up some common misconceptions surrounding the Muslim community and touches on what it was like growing up in east Texas (spoiler alert, our high school was named Robert E Lee *rolls eyes*). Anyway, we also touch on the lack of representation when it comes to Muslim women in fashion and media and how it affected Ayesha growing up. Truthfully, it affects all of us! Imagine if we saw more women in hijabs on our favorite show or in advertisements for our favorite brands. 

WARNING: I do updates until 10:58 so if you must, skip ahead. Teehee!

Show Notes:

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Ayesha loves Taco More in Austin , Ceviche7, East Side King, Thai-kun

We talk about Ayesha's involvement with brands like Girl Forward, Seek Refuge and her job at Lake Flato

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