Episode #18 | Understanding Feminine & Masculine Energy with Maddy Moon

Hello, my dears! Another week, another blurb of inspiration from my corner of the world, and this week's episode couldn't come sooner. Sometimes, the podcast is exactly what I need to talk about in the moment, and this topic is no different. 

This week, we have a returning guest, and I just couldn't be happier. Maddy Moon (of the Mind Body Musings Podcast) is our first guest to cue featured on the podcast more than once, and this time we're talking about one topic that I truly believe can change the way you view yourself and your current relationships (for the better).

We're discussing the harmony of feminine & masculine energy that exists in each and every one of us and how it affects everything from our relationships to our careers, and so much in between. We discuss how to recognize if there is an imbalance and ways in which you can learn to soften and embrace each and every side of you.

We strongly emphasize the concept that by embracing our femininity, we are never less than. In today's society, most of us identify with the concept of being a feminist, supporting equal rights, equal pay, and to be seen as no different than men. We tend to have this understanding that we aren't allowed to feel our emotions, nurture our families and partners, or act out of expression and desire. WRONG. In this episode we go into just how powerful the feminine essence is, and what magic can happen when we start stepping into these natural qualities and owning them as a part of who we are. As I said before, there is a balance here in each of us, and we go deeper into this in this episode, so don't miss it!

Feminine energy emotes, it makes art, has sex, exists from a slow space of enjoyment and understanding. Masculine energy works, isolates, controls, competes, and relies solely on themselves to get things done.

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