Episode #16 | Diet Mentality, Bodies in the Media, and Why Emotional Eating isn't a Bad Thing with Isabel Foxen Duke

I know I always say this, but it's always so true. These week's episode is incredible. Who's the guest, you ask?! No other than the amazing....


Isabel is a coach and speaker who helps women stop feeling crazy around food. She works intimately with women who struggle to get their faces out of the bottom of the brownie pan after depriving themselves of all sweets and junk food. She helps women quit diet mentality and embrace who they are, the shit in their lives, and how it applies to their food. She gets real, and it's incredible.

o, this is a big one. This is a hugely informative/eye-opening episode, and I can't wait for you to throw your headphones on and dive in.

Fuck headphones. Hook this shit up to two giant speakers, and blast it off the rooftops. We're getting real with Isabel Foxen Duke on diet-binge mentality, why emotional eating isn't necessarily a bad thing, and what we're actually seeing in the media and how it's influencing the way we perceive ourselves.

As I mention in the beginning of the episode, I've been a huge fan of Isabel's work for quite sometime now, and I was so pumped to flow with her on some of these important and deep-ass topics. You guys already know how much I like to talk about body image and food!

I don't want to keep you too long reading this blog post, so I'll let you dive right in!


2:15 Wilder Wellness Announcement | 6:12 Isabel on who she is and what she does / her story | 12:00 intuitive eating feeling "diety" | 16:30 why emotional eating can help you | 21:00 do women just diet to feel like they're a part of something | 24:00 how the media affects men and women | 41:42 women are looking for someone to tell them they're okay | 42:15 there is no right or wrong way to eat, EVEN if your body wants pizza or nourishing foods | 44:05 Health bloggers not actually being orthorexic when they're intuitively choosing nourishing foods | 48:00 Health at Every Size and why BMI is bullshit | 57:00 Isabel's free video training series | 1:00:00 quick fire round! |

Where to find Isabel: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Site

Isabel's articles on Refinery 29 & Mindbodygreen & The Huffington Post

Ashley Graham, the plus-size model we talk about toward the end of the podcast

Want to stop feeling crazy around food? Learn more about working with Isabel 1:1!