Episode #19 | Cookbooks, Choosing Plants, & The First Mess with Laura Wright

SOURCE: thefirstmess.com

SOURCE: thefirstmess.com

Last week, I tempted you all with a pretty delectable truffle recipe from The First Mess Cookbook,  getting you somewhat acquainted with the author, Laura Wright, and what she's serving up. This week, she's debuting on the podcast, chatting with me on everything from why she chooses a plant-based lifestyle to how her cookbook came into fruition. 

Oh, and did I mention her cookbook is available everywhere TOMORROW?

This book is unlike most plant-based cookbooks because Laura starts the book by really breaking down what materials and basic ingredients you need to have as a staple in your kitchen before you even begin. She helps readers lay the groundwork for always having delicious food on hand by helping them stock their pantry with whole grains, nuts, seeds & legumes, as well as keep fresh produce in their fridge. Not only does this approach make plant-based eating seem easy and achievable but also fun and exciting!

I can't even with  this pizza recipe  from her blog. Source: thefirstmess.com

I can't even with this pizza recipe from her blog. Source: thefirstmess.com

I first heard a whisper of Laura's work and blog through our mutual friend, Jessica Murnane, whose cookbook I featured a few weeks ago. I was so intrigued by their conversations together on Jess's podcast, and I really began vibing with this girl's personality. I didn't wait long before I started reaching out to her on social media and then email, sealing her fate as a guest on my podcast! 

Her approach to wellness is so refreshing, honest, and loving, keeping her primary focus on living a balanced lifestyle rather than always eating perfectly. We had a great time, and this conversation really flows like a chat between two friends. You're going to love it.


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One of the best podcast episodes I've heard from a blogger was Laura's OPP episode with Jessica Murnane.